Silver Power European Meeting - Paris, February 28th -> March 1st

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  1. Hi all.

    I'm organizing a meetup at my place with two events :
    1. On February 28th we're having a party at a private place from 12:30 pm till end of afternoon. We'll have two TAPs there so we'll hang there and chat with the owner/play some games.
    2. On February 29th we're planning a tournament at the Extra Life Café, from 7 pm till 11 pm. We're planning a cooked surprise Tetris tournament with a bit of guideline and also Tricky Towers, Tetris Plus, TGM, Magical Tetris Challenge, Card Captor Sakura Tetris and Naomi Tetris if I can get it working
      The game will change during every encounter. It'll be in a chill arcade bar in Paris.
    Regarding housing, I'm getting ready for some room so we could house 6-7 players, open from Thursday 27th to Sunday March 1st. I'm considering other options such as cheap hotel rooms around. Parking should be possible in cities around Paris like Montgeron, then people would come via RER (10€ back and forth.) Quoting @Tomek "For those coming from the UK for [the] event, sometimes you can find good deals for the Eurostar train and then you won't have to pay for the train between CDG airport and central Paris.
    I paid 68€ (£58~£60) for my round-trip ticket last time I was in London." (poke @kprice45 @Oliver @Archina and other ppl from UK.)

    Let me know here if you're intersted!

    Interested :
    FR Qlex
    FR Trucy
    FR Tomek
    FR julbla
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  2. i'll be there :]
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  3. Muf


    Any Dutchies or Germans close to the Dutch border can hitch a ride with me. (Up until my little red car is full, at least. Disclaimer: there will be J-core in the car.)
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  4. I'm interested! I just need to figure out whether I can take time off from work.
    If I can make it, I'd take you up on that offer, Muf! I live 100km from the border and wouldn't even mind going to Eindhoven first.
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  5. For those that don't understand the stuff about "Montgeron", it is the town were I live. Parking spaces are hard to find in Paris and extremely expensive (you have to pay between 9:00 and 20:00 every day, excluding Sundays, prices below, @Qlex is in zone 2). If you're far enough in the suburbs, parking your car in a residential street is free. So it's much cheaper to park outside of central Paris and take the RER (S-Bahn). I can have 1 or 2 cars parked in front of my home for the duration of the event if someone needs it.

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  6. /me attacking TAP <<< >>> trying to power up in a game too long neglected.

    i wish i had a zn2 or a psikyo-sh2 to bring :] will only travel with USB joystick as it stands
  7. Hi all,

    For various reasons, it will be too difficult for me to organize the event. I have talked to people willing to come and I know this is difficult news for some of you.
    I think I was too unprepared for this, and clearly I should have paid attention to the energy that I had available for an event of this caliber.
    Therefore I am announcing the meetup as officially cancelled.

    I'd like to apologize for the inconvenience.
    Have a good one.

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