Challenge: Shmups Challenge - Fourth Round: Guwange

Thread in 'Competition' started by Rosti LFC, 3 Jul 2009.

  1. My idea for a all-encompassing leaderboard for shmups a while ago sort of failed, but I'm wondering if anyone would be interested for some sort of challenge thing?

    The idea would be that there would be a selected shmup game for a couple of weeks or a month, and the leaderboard would run for that game for that time. At the end the winner would be announced, and the game would switch.
    I'd only accept scores achieved during the time period, so no digging up of old records.

    Thinking maybe if a few people were eager for it, I'd start it and maybe end up playing a few games I've never really given much time to before.

    I'll also take suggestions for possible games to use. They must be easily accessible for western players to play (smoothly).


    Recently voted in a poll as the Cave shmup most deserving of a console port.

    Scores will be accepted until 22nd September.

    - Scores must be made on or after Monday 7th September
    - No savestates or enforced slowdown allowed.
    - Normal Damage
    - Normal Difficulty
    - C button can be not used or full-auto


    Past results:

    Gunroar Mouse Mode:
    #  Player         Score
    1  lgb            24,980,985 
    2  COL            24,924,696
    3  Kitaru          7,951,159
    4  Rosti LFC       5,575,030
    5  Meshens         2,896,362
    Strikers III:
    #  Player         Ship  Stage  Score
    1  COL            X-36   1-6   693,900
    2  lgb            X-36   1-4   382,300
    3  Kitaru         X-36   1-4   347,800
    4  Rosti LFC      X-36   1-4   334,900
    5  Burbruee       F-22   1-3   224,500
    6  md            F/A-18  1-2   177,700
    #  Player         Ship  Gunner  Stage  Score
    1  Sjoe           Bolt   Nail     5    13,053,330
    2  COL            Bolt  Rivet     5    11,657,710
    3  Rosti LFC      Bolt   Nail     4     4,290,960
    4  Kitaru         Ring  Chain     4     2,797,520
    5  md             Bolt   Nail     3     1,496,390
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  2. I like the idea. I love shmups, but I rarely have time to play them.
    This might give me an excuse to use my FS3 again, since I've permanently switched back to keyboard for Tetris.

    Do you have any particular games in mind yet? Touhou 11 I liked, and it's easily accessible. (and free)
  3. Was thinking a few of the older Cave games, such as DoDonPachi, Progear, ESP Ra.De. Few others like Dimahoo, Vasara, Batsugun...
  4. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    I'm quite keen for a bit of Progear, as it's a game I feel I should have played but haven't (well, not much anyway). Also, you mention Batsugun, but it isn't particularly accessible in the West; the arcade PCB is relatively expensive, and I suspect not many of us own a Japanese SEGA Saturn.
  5. Perhaps Batsugun isn't ideal, but I still think it's vaguely playable for people.
  6. I'd play.
  7. orz


    i'm down for this
  8. Also down for this.
  9. I'm in.
  10. Some games then..

    Giga Wing
    Mars Matrix
    Strikers 1945 Plus
    Strikers 1945 III

    Love Strikers. :)
  11. I'm in. It doesn't have to be Cave games, but I'd prefer if we stayed away from Touhou.
  12. Muf


    How about Raiden 3 so I can suck at that, too? :awe:
  13. Was planning on having a couple of Touhou rounds, but probably only on Hard difficulty.
  14. I'm in, should be fun.
  15. Sure, why not. I'm in. This will hopefully make me motivated to play shmups again. :)
  16. md


    i'm in! :D
  17. orz


    i'd play raiden 3 if the ship wasn't so god damn slow
  18. Ai


    This sounds like a great way the get me and others motivated to play more again!

    Please start with an easier challenge to give weak players a chance to acquire necessary skills. ^^
  19. COL


    Are we allowed to post oooold scores :D(haven't played those games for years: my skills are gone now!)
  20. Enough interest in this, so I've started.

    First game is the Cave classic Progear, released in 2001. One of only two Cave games to be released in the US, and their first horizontal shooter, and the only one until DeathSmiles in 2007.

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