shmupmametgm on Raspberry Pi/RetroPie

Thread in 'Hardware' started by FreakyByte, 4 Mar 2017.

  1. I maybe setting up a gaming room with some friends in the future, and we want to have a MAME setup in there. I obviously want to be able to play some TGM there, and since I'm used to mametgm with the correct framerate I wouldn't want to switch to a different version.

    Our provisional setup would be to use a Raspberry Pi with the RetroPie OS, but since I hardly ever used Linux before I don't know how I would set up mametgm on the Pi. I don't even know where I would find a mametgm Linux built. ^^

    Has anyone else set up mametgm on a Pi, or even specifically on the RetroPie OS before? I know there are some people here that use mametgm on Linux, so maybe those people could help me out. :)
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  3. I've finally been able to try this today. Unfortunately, it won't work. The raspberry can't compile the code since it's not written for its ARM processor. :/
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  5. This thread deserves more attention. What needs to be done to get this shmupmametgm running on ARM? Are we talking about minor tweaks?
  6. I tried running the vanilla version of MAME that's part of Raspian on my Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (not plus), and it couldn't even start TAP after several minutes of waiting. Since shmupmametgm only reduces lag, and doesn't introduce any special optimizations to make MAME run faster, I doubt shmupmametgm would run any better than vanilla MAME. TGM1 runs on PlayStation-based hardware, and is more demanding than TAP, so I would assume that game can't run either. I would guess MAME doesn't have an ARM dynarec, so not even TAP, with its relatively simple hardware, can be emulated well. And without a dynarec, I doubt even a Raspberry Pi 4 could emulate TAP. I've also tried running TAP in Retroarch's MAME core, and the FB Alpha core, on my phone a while ago (my phone uses ARM, just like Raspberry Pis), and neither core could run TAP full speed.

    Theoretically, PCSX ReARMed could be adapted to run TGM1, and it would be much faster than MAME ever could be (it'd be much like the old ZiNc emulator). But TAP would require a new SH-2 dynarec, which, AFAIK, doesn't exist right now. There's a bounty offered for a 64-bit ARM SH-2 dynarec, so maybe some day TAP on Raspberry Pi 4 will be possible (Raspberry Pi models before 4 were 32-bit, so a 64-bit dynarec wouldn't work on those).
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