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Thread in 'Research & Development' started by Tear♪, 11 Nov 2018.

  1. I'm gonna be commuting a lot since next week, so I was looking for a portable TGM clone. I couldn't find one, so I ported Shiromino myself instead. This is a proof-of-concept release, largely untested, but the main modes seem to be working perfectly. Needs a hacked Vita, obviously. The original version is written with wonderfully portable code, so it shouldn't be too difficult to pull in new updates. Thanks for the amazing work, FeV!

    Now opensource:
    All changes are consolidated into an initial commit, but the commit message breaks down the changes.

    pre-v1 (based on beta3-pre2)

    • Cross - A (CCW rotation)
    • Circle - B (CW rotation)
    • LTrig - C (CCW rotation)
    • RTrig - D (hold, someday??)
    • Start - Escape
    Known issues:
    • Backgrounds are stretched to 16:9
    • Elements could be laid out better
    • I'm not a GM, so I wouldn't know if it's reliable enough for high level play
    First post btw
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  2. FeV


    Wow, that's pretty awesome. I wouldn't consider my work amazing, but you're welcome c:
  3. By the way, I would appreciate any feedback as to how to fill the screen better. The original game is 640x480 and Vita screen is 960x544, and currently the original game's window is drawn at 1x scale in the top left corner. 2x scale wouldn't fit the playfield, and fractional scaling would make it look jittery or blurry. Any ideas?
  4. Version pre-v2 is out.
    • Working replay saving! Scores are saved to ux0:data/shiro.db
    Everything else that I'm unhappy with seems to be related to sizing and positioning of various elements... Therefore, I decided that for the next update I will redesign all assets. I would love to make the new theme compatible with the PC version too, but it might require some code changes.
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  5. Holy crap, thank you so much. I really needed that portable TGM fix for some time.
    Also, any plans for 7-bag, swapping cross/circle in menus, and world rule?
  6. Would be possible to center the playfield?
  7. Excellent work.
    Is there a possibility to compile this for the PSP?

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