shiromino cup -- 1 dec 2019 -- 20:00 CET

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    who owns the modes? play to find out sunday 20CET!

    matches played 1v1 best of 3 in a double elimination bracket.

    cointoss is always first: loser drops a mode; winner drops, and then picks a mode to play.

    opponents do a single run in the chosen mode. best grade then level then time wins. loser picks the next mode, and repeat if needed.

    finals are best of 5; final's cointoss loser does nothing.

    modes are
    pentomino c
    g1 master
    g2 master
    g2 death
    g3 terror

    check-in and find your opponent @ #arika on

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  2. worth a second post to emphasize that all signups are good and welcome!

    even if you are busy and ultimately do not attend, a signup shows interest, and only checked-in players enter the cup :D
  3. two nice questions: modes more than once?
    • no, each mode once.
    how are we going to do 1v1's ?
    • on our honor as tetrists. there need only be the score we type into the chat.
    anyway i'll have a fresh replay file. could even commentate from the demos.
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  4. OK! thank you everyone who showed interest and signed :D
    Please do say if you have suggestions.

    Two takeaways for me: help super GMs to sign early; select a time commensurate with australian interest.

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