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Thread in 'Hardware' started by simonlc, 13 May 2014.

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    doo eet
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  2. Me and some bros at work pitched in for these bad boys this year:

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  3. Nice setup! I'll take some pics tonight and post 'em. I might beat everyone in this thread in pure quantity of arcade shit but certainly not in quality. Always cool to see nice looking cabs! :D
  4. Thanks man! If you're ever in Vegas, feel free to swing by to check 'em out for yourself :p
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  5. Well we've had to have a cull on some of the stuff in storage so the CRT TV is back with me again. I decided to try hooking TGM up to it and it doesn't seem to be too happy about it.
    It's kind of hard to play when the screen is this grey. At first I thought the scart port was damaged so I tried plugging it into the other cart slot and it went a lovely shade of green. Then I tried the phono ports on the front and it didn't even respond to the signal. Then it clicked into my head "Wait, this runs on 60Hz, doesn't it?" So I quickly scrambled to get my GCN set up and... That's not the problem. So I have no clue what's up with it as it works fine on my normal TV.
  6. [​IMG]
    Still need to give it a tough cleaning.
  7. Alright, looks like things are starting to settle down here at the Seattle TGM Headquarters. You'll have to excuse the potato-cam photos; my phone is at a phone repair place right now so I'm on a shitty loaner phone with a busted camera sensor.

    First off are the main cabs:
    The Blast is a Hong Kong special; what a POS but the monitor is great and the controls are brand new. The NNC has the original Toshiba tri-sync and looks awesome.

    Main gaming area:
    Asus VH236H for PC, PVM 20L5 for 480p games and pretty much anything (it's absolutely perfect), nice fat 27 inch WEGA in great shape, and a PVM2530 with probably under 1000 hours of total use (most of those put on it by me). Also pictured are 3 extra PVMs that aren't in use right now but do get used for events.

    Astro City:
    I just bought this cab; it's awesome!'s pretty good anyway. I've been playing TGM1 and TAP on it but down the road I plan to use it as the non-TGM 15k hori cab.

    New Astro City:
    This is the first cab I ever bought back in high school. It's a beauty with regards to both cab and monitor condition. It's used primarily for Garegga, Ketsui, and Batrider.

    Beat The Clock:
    Beat The Clock is a very rare (only 500 made) pinball machine with a unique and awesome time-based game system. Next to it is @TWF's Eight Ball Deluxe (currently being shopped out).

    Two more Blasts:
    One of these cabs is fucked (bad monitor), the other has been shopped out and tuned up to be sold shortly.

    Crazy Taxi:
    Crazy Taxi is one of my favorite games and if you watched the 1CC Marathon, you'd know that I want it to FUCKIN' LET ME DRIFT! Shiny new old stock shifter installed for maximum Crazy Dash action!

    Hoarding mode enabled! I guess I have a Sega Rally but you wouldn't know from the giant mattress in front of it.

    The repair room, where CRTs go to die. The wide HD Toshiba is my Netflix and Chill monitor, and the rest are cab monitors that are either fixed, in the process of being fixed, or dead.

    Sorry for the shitty pictures, will fix with some nice ones taken on the DSLR later.
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  8. My favourite TGM game has finally arrived in all it's PCB glory!
    Although it does have some records I don't recognise. Can anyone tell me who these are?
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  9. I guess this counts as part of mine
    Some very nice posters made from scans uploaded here recently. Full price was £52.32.
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  10. Can you share where you had those printed? I'd love to have that Ti poster :D
  11. Not exactly my battlestation but how I modded my arcade stick:

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  12. Update: The PCB Abuser 2 is now in operation!
    Made from spare bits of packaging a couple belts I didn't need and a crafting knife. It's more useful than my last box as it now has carrying bel- I mean handles, storage space for my spare sanwa parts and cables and best of all It's got JAMMA extenders so I don't have to take the whole thing apart every time I want to switch between TGM1 and TAP!

    Once I get the video problem sorted with my capture card I might be able to stream the PCBs too if my internet can handle it (Only 5Mb/s upload.)
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  13. Wanted to try my new CRT TV.
    You should have seen the faces of other travellers when I was in the metro and the train with the TV after I bought it and had to take it home :D
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  14. Wanted an Astro but I settled for a Blast. I also have PCBs for TGM1 and Fantastic Parodius. Anyone have Atari Tetris?

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  15. Here's my setup!
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  17. I know this feel
  18. [​IMG]

    Still a work in progress but I finally got a cab
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  19. [​IMG]
    Get equipped with PVM14L3
    Coming soon: TGM1 PCB
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