SGDQ 2016 / ESA 16. Welcome to summer!

Thread in 'Discussion' started by Qlex, 7 Jul 2016.

  1. I would recommend starting with TGM1.
    The speed curve is acceptable for a tetris beginner but the randomizer can be quite frustrating (it will teach you the game the hard way ^^)
    If you played a lot of other tetris games before, adding some TGM2 normal mode will complete your understanding of the game deepesness without making you break your joystick from frustration every three game (do NOT start with death mode :p )

    Btw, avoid dling some random Mame version, most of them suck at emulating tgm correctly.
    So far, the best (easy to find) version of mame for TGM is shmupmame (I used v2.2 before buying an arcade cab).
    There are specific tgm builds of Mame out there, but you might struggle to find them and they are less "computer-noob" friendly (saying this because I had a hard time to make them work lol). And as a beginner, you will simply not feel the difference (it's like, 1 less frame of lag every second).

    Welcome on board, stack hard and hope to see you enjoy your first day of infinite happiness soon !
  2. While I would classify my time playing tetris as happy, I feel like you're missing a few other emotions in there :p
  3. Very clean and nice games at ESA Qlex! The TAP Master game was so good! And MasterM in TGM3, just perfect!
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