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  1. Great job, all! Commentary and display of everything was much better. Hope to make it to one of the GDQs at some point.
  2. After I saw AGDQ 2014, the first GDQ event I watched live, I was compelled to participate in entertaining people with playing video games while contributing for a great cause. The idea of a TGM block came later after seeing the American TGM players at Awesome Game Replays and the TAS block of AGDQ. Watch those if you haven't, they're a must.

    With all the developments of our exhibition, including having Japanese players at SGDQ, getting notices of the potential un-cancellation of TGM 4 and getting enough exposure for KevinDDR to get to the Twitch front page, I never would have imagined that this event would have snowballed so exponentially as it has. I am relieved and proud that everything went with a good reception on all fronts.

    It is hard for me to write this but this SGDQ has been much, much more difficult than AGDQ, and that IS saying something. In between all the events in my life that I am going through, school situation, work situation and a few health concerns, the biggest problem was taking care of a relative whose condition has been critical for the past few months.

    Again, I don't like to talk about personal problems but I think that telling this much gives an insight into my situation. Though I'd like to spend a lot of time trying to bond with the communities and talk to people (I'm thinking tasvideos, sda and shmups but also harddrop -- I barely scratched the surface of their forums), I'm spending evenings trying to cheer up my family and getting some rest. Schoolwork definitely does not help either.

    That pretty much means that things will keep the status quo that a few people noted three months ago. I will try my best but I will probably not be active for the following months. I will be part of a few gaming marathons in France and that will be that. That also implies that AGDQ 2016 could absolutely happen, but without my help. To be honest, I had no idea if I had enough energy to power through SGDQ and come back to France during vacation without messing something up badly.

    Kind of a temporary goodbye, but since I have my smartphone with me at regular times I should always communicate through medias such as Twitter. Twitter especially since it's kind of the thing to goof around with short messages.

    I'd like to thank a lot of people who made this adventure possible. I think the first persons to thank that people might not have directly in mind are romscout and Mike Uyama. These two people were pretty much the first ones to want/accept the setup that we proposed, when no one else believed in its potential. Thanks to their communication and trust, all of this could finally happen. They run a lot of things, but they also had a very good eye.

    I'd like to thank the original team of Kitaru, KevinDDR and colour_thief for showing me how a hype TGM block could happen with AGR and for dedicating themselves to the TGM block at AGDQ. All of their thinking, planning, play and commentary had been of a lot of help. Kevin completed the invisible, Kitaru explained the concepts and colour_thief came up with interesting challenges. I like to think that the original team had a winning combination of Active, Rational, Conceptual and Affective personalities.

    Thanks to Moh and Ryan for taking part in the experience of commentating. You guys did a super job at AGDQ, would have been a pleasure to have you guys again.

    Shoutouts to Muf who came up with the shirt idea (that was giant) and for being the ultimate tech guy.

    Super thanks to aperturegrillz who did an amazing job in terms of tech and commentating. It was a pleasure seeing you for the first time at SGDQ, and I hope to see you next time I get to the states. Also I should give you pointers to get Death GM.

    Endless thanks to PoochyEXE who ended up under the most stress for what I originally thought was a chill mode that's very easy to complete. I am glad that it went this well!

    DarkAries, you da real MVP. For real.

    And thanks to Caithness and PetitPrince for having helped towards AGDQ.

    Not only was the Tetrisconcept crew helpful, but I also had a blast with them. I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Huge thanks and thumbs up to KAN and SQR who came all the way from Japan to play in front of a huge crowd in a setup they were unfamiliar with. I know how hard it can be coming from France. They did a great job, were very cooperative and made my organizing job easy. 素晴らしいスーパープレーと親切さに本当にありがとうございました!

    I'm afraid I can't quite do justice to some people at the GDQ crew, like Zerst from World 9 Gaming (!), Vulajin, PJ, Mecha Richter, ButtersBB and Murphagator, as well as every other people who supported us.

    And shoutouts to Boingloing, Wag, Tada, JBroms and others already mentioned for an amazing ReplayFX experience.

    Honestly, being a small, little part of the GDQ events is the thing I'm the most proud of. Of course, it is also one of the major events and best memories of my life that I'll keep in mind for years, in hope that we can hang out again.

    The past days have been pretty hard, and I cannot believe it was only one week in America. To be able to see so many people, discover some special American food, see music bands, talk to and interact with people from so many different horizons felt like a dream. One thing I can tell is that it is not exactly like a vacation at all. I have gone back to work immediately after the trip, and I just had to sleep 13 hours in a row. It's 3 am and I'm finishing this post after reading people's messages.

    I guess that's it. I'm sure I forgot somebody, I apologize in advance lol

    Stay amazing people as you are, and keep stacking.
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  3. Thanks for the work Alexis (and everyone else of course)
    If you need to talk anytime, get me on facebook ;)
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  4. Fair enough Alexis, I know from a few transcontinental trips for work recently just how draining it can be to travel long haul, push through fatigue and jet lag to power through an incredibly busy schedule, travel back and then keep going with life as if you never went anywhere. I think everyone within the TGM community appreciates the work you've done to get the whole GDQ ball rolling and sort things when nobody else had made the effort until that point to step up.

    Hope to still see you in Eindhoven at the end of September - it wouldn't be quite the same event without you - but understand if you've got to put other parts of your life first.
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  5. Qlex, truly honestly AGDQ/SGDQ would never have happened without the huge effort you put in organizing our submissions. Our community was full of people who would readily say "GDQ is cool, it's a shame there is no TGM demonstration". Myself included. But you came along and actually did something about it. You deserve much respect for this!

    I hope real life calms down for you, wish you all the best!
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