SGDQ 2015 - Welcome to a hot world (see what i did there cuz its summer)

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  1. Hi and welcome! You can already forget the title and take interest in Tetrisconcept, a world full of tetrises unless we're playing THE ABSOLUTE DEATH MODE.

    I might think you have already seen my previous post for AGDQ 2015, so I will not give you obsolete or duplicate videos. I will however repeat that we love playing the Tetris games and you might see some NES Tetris but mostly Tetris the Grandmaster. That's what you came for right?

    Well I guess I'll leave that NES Tetris video in the open, because it's just amazing what people can do when their friend knocks on a door.

    Now, TGM! Let's see... I think the most intense accomplishment that has been reached is KevinDDR finally reaching the GM exam of Terror Instinct and being successful in doing so... If you haven't seen this, this is the link to click on.

    Other interesting tidbits from other players could be this ridiculous 4 Death GMs in a row by Jago (which allowed him to win his own board), the amazing fail then amazing success of Kitaru trying to get Secret GM with only one preview, and a very nice MM by TWF.

    Oh look! 20 seconds of Extreme reverse! Where was I... Oh yeah, Japan has shown a few videos, I did show you pretty interesting vides before, but I think this mesmerizing video by SQR is worth a watch. Also this. Interesting videos by KAN? This should help.

    And if you have enough of Japanese videos, then that's really too bad! There are all the videos you could have asked for on the pier21's Youtube channel. They are all extremely high quality videos waiting for you, including very close races between players!


    If you thought that this couldn't get any better... Well it could! tgm_series recently called for a location test of a new TGM game. People tried it and liked it. Wanna see? Like, they liked it like this! There are a lot of factors to be discussed to ensure that this game sees the light of the day. However, if you'd like, you can always support the release by following the tgm_series Twitter!

    Hope you enjoy the show at SGDQ, and keep stacking!


    A bunch of Twitters and Twitchs in a random order if you people are missing some :

    KevinDDR : Twitter : KevinDDR - Twitch : - Youtube :
    Kitaru : Twitter : KitaruTC - Twitch : - Youtube :
    TWF (aperturegrillz) : Twitter : aperturegrillz - Twitch : - Youtube :
    colour_thief : Twitter : colour_thief : - Twitch : - Youtube :
    Qlex : Twitter : QlexTENDER - Twitch : Youtube :
    jago : Twitter : TGM_JAGO - Twitch : - Youtube :

    Some players from Japan, some of them started a Twitch channel, go follow them!
    KAN : Twitter : hifvbiber - Youtube :
    SQR : Twitter : skysqraper - Twitch : - Youtube :
    J.SHIMADA : Twitter : jshimada3256 - Twitch : - Youtube :

    Pier21, the most awesome TGM Game Center : - Twitter : @pier21kodaira
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  2. Soo fucking hyped for tonight. It's going to go live at 2:42 AM in Europe, which sucks a lot, but I'll have to find a way to stay awake.
  3. Saw the shirt, now watching it on Twitch. Here we go :)
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  4. Congrats to everyone involved in making it happen. Once again it was absolutely amazing!
  5. While watching AGDQ 2015, I was thinking... "Excellent!

    But let's go better next time!"
    You guys definitely accomplished that.
  6. Great fun to watch. Thanks to everyone who made it happen!

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