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  1. Yep, I'm playing TGM3 now.

    Overall, I think I'm doing well so far? Highest rank I've gotten promotion wise is a 7. Non-promotion wise, a 5. And that was a really good run, haha

    I've learned new skills from the previous threads, and a couple ones just by looking at videos.

    I now know:
    - IRS
    - IHS (instant hold swap, that's what I'm calling it I don't know if it's called anything different)
    - Instant/Free Lock (sonic drop, then pressing up)
    - Stacking (even though I was pretty good at it before)
    - Pressing other rotation buttons for different pieces

    Also, you guys weren't wrong when you keeping saying World Mode sucks. It's literally awful to me and I cannot play it without having a fit because I prefer Classic's controls more.

    Another question have: Even though I get under 01:35:00 on 1-99, I still get REGRET!!. Is there something I'm missing here, is it because I didn't get the section COOL!! under 00:52:00 or something??

    Anyways, any other tactics I could use to my advantage, or any things I might want to try?

    Thanks again if you got some info/tips guys, you're a cool community and you play and know some cool games.

    EDIT: Oh, and here's my stats as of 10/13/15. Don't know if that matters, but there they are anyways.
  2. It's actually officially called IHS - Initial Hold System. At least afaik.

    You can get a regret in the middle of a section if your stack is a mess and there are too many holes (I have no idea what the actual conditions are to trigger this). These have no effect on grade. Similarly you can also get COOL! messages that aren't the section COOL (they aren't accompanied by the same sound) and also have no effect on grade or speedcurve.

    To be honest, not really at this point, except that if you ever plan on going back to TGM1/TAP I'd keep playing them occasionally. If you're playing loads of Ti then it's quite easy to get a bit entrenched with playing with hold and floorkicks. TAP forces you to play cleanly and punishes poor mechanics, whilst Ti gives you a lot more leeway for shitty mechanics so long as you can play quickly enough (I'd say shown most notably in reaching 500 in Death vs Shirase). Having to pick up concepts that are required in TAP but not Ti, such as leaving space for the I to rotate, using overhangs (because you can't just hold a piece if you don't have a place for it), and pyramid stacking is all a lot easier from a blank slate than when you're having to unpick aspects of your play that are already ingrained and instinctive. Ti can definitely be more fun, and practising something is better than not playing at all because you're fed up with the game, but for long-term improvement I'd say it's important to maintain the 'wax on, wax off' practice in TAP as well (routine fundamental drills in martial arts and boxing are a good analogy for this imo) to make sure that you're keeping ARS basics sharp.

    When you do start surviving a bit longer, my recommendation for Ti Master would be to avoid section cools. The grading system is kind of a bit retarded at various levels of skill, in particular lower levels, and getting section cools will shunt you up the speedcurve to the point where you lose more grades in line clears from dying early and struggling to keep the stack clean than you earn through the +1 COOL bonus.
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  3. Learned that after examining the copyright screen. Whoops.

    Wish the wiki said that. Might have not looked hard enough, though. Good to know.

    This happened to me. I was like "why isn't hold working" and realized I wasn't play Ti. :( I'm probably gonna not play TAP for a while now though, TGM has a lot more to offer and a bit more challenge.

    When I mentioned the REGRET!!, I wasn't actually going for section cools. I was just wondering why it happened. I learned about the speedcurve from a bit of watching the TGM blocks for AGDQ/SGDQ 2015.

    Thanks for the tips, glad to know some of these things.
  4. Apologies for the double post, but I recently uploaded a video.
    Hopefully this shows a bit more.

    Custom music guide's in the description in case you're wondering why it's like that.
  5. Just keep on practicing to get used to the speed ;).
  6. It does, you just didn't look hard enough ;)
  7. Zaphod77

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    Don't try to avoid the section cools. Try to make them. You will get better faster as you are forced to deal with faster speeds earlier.

    Your grade may suffer in the beginning for it, but it starts getting really hard to avoid cools and not get regrets, and that will cancel out you better performance due to slow lock delay.

    My best grades are when i hit the first four cools.
  8. Just worry about your first section cool. The rest come mostly easy after the first unless you flub your stacking pace.

    Be ready to practice in Shirase too; the last sections of TGM get up to that pace, and a little practice there might help you avoid your brain melting utterly.

    EDIT: Leave your tetris-forming line on the right side. Just trust me, that side's just a touch more forgiving, and you might see the difference. Other than that, learn and manage pace.
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