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  1. A while back when I got my secret GM in TI I said I'd make a video commentating on my decision making and what I think is a good idea and a bad idea. Well, it's only taken a half a year, but I've finally got around to it. I played an S7 in TAP today which I thought had a few key ideas.

    I've mentioned a few peoples names @Oliver, @Kitaru, @Shuey, and unfortunately I tried to mention @Oshisaure, but I totally blanked on your name. I've said some things about my knowledge of each of your games. If any of you would prefer me to make a new video where I don't mention you and remove this one, then it is not a problem, just let me know and I'll be happy to, hopefully if that is the case though, I'll record a better game between now and then :)

    If you'd like me to talk through a game as well, let me know, I'll try to do it. I especially found your recording very strange @Oshisaure, you play very differently to me, but obviously it works!

    And lastly, I apologise for my voice, it's a terrible accent and even I can't understand it half the time.
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  2. Nice commentary :). One of the things I like most about secret grade runs is that, despite the fact that the goal is relatively short and simple (compared to striving for a standard GM), there's still many different options available when placing pieces (meaning, you can't watch someone play a secret grade game and say that every move they made was "not optimal", especially when there's a tiny element of luck involved).

    You've inspired me to consider doing a commentary video of my own now :).

    Something I've been trying to find out but haven't yet gotten any feedback on is: "What is the lowest level someone has reached GM status on (on TGM3)?".
  3. Thank you!

    I really enjoy watching other people play secret grade. Even the way we all seem to start seems vastly different, and the way we turn at the halfway point. I almost always use a J piece to do my turn, but everyone else seems completely unphased by what they use.

    I'd definitely be interested in seeing other people doing a commentary, so I'm all for that idea! :D

    As for your last question. I believe your 69 is the lowest, although @Kitaru has possibly had something absurdly low according to these tweets (there are a few more tweets after what is displayed in the preview):

    The last tweet there is incorrect and 53 is the lowest possible level, although I still haven't had a chance to look for a seed in TAP or TI which can actually achieve that 53. My best chance at a super low GM while recording was probably this video

    and I've never actually got a GM while recording :(

    While not recording my best chance was this:

    If anyone knows better than me, feel free to contradict anything I've said, I'd prefer correct information out there :)

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