Second TC meetup with BBQTurkeyzZ! This Thursday

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  1. Here we go again! @BBQTurkeyzZ is coming to Paris and he's coming down to Arcade Street on Thursday! I imagine we should do that again!

    Sorry for the late notice, but it could be fun to have a bunch of people while we're here. I'll have a bit of vacation so I'll be there as long as it takes :
    @Redlof_b @Tomek @Gezoda @COL
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  2. Fair warning: I'm bad at TGM, and have only ever played with a keyboard so I'll probably play even worse with a stick. I imagine that if it's just me and dad coming down then he'll be there too, so try not to blow his mind too much. He did talk about maybe bringing us all down for a day in Paris itself (we're staying in Disneyland) so if that happens I assume he'll leave me to it. This is of course assuming he'll let me come down anyway, but there isn't really that much for me to do in Disney so there's a fairly high chance he will.

    I'll look forward to it!
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  3. Oh don't worry, I'm not that good at TGM either and it was still a lot of fun to meet with everyone last time we did this ;)
  4. I might be able to come, but this is not sure*. If I do, I'll be the long-haired guy with probably a POI shirt and if you somewhat see a person like this on the Taiko arcade it's normal.
    I don't think my friend Ekoro can come as the new school year starts this tuesday, though.

    And I too am bad at TGM. Ekoro has already beat me.

    * I say this but I will have like 370 euros in my wallet lmao
  5. K


    why this thursday ?!? i can't be here !! :'(
  6. Qlex has to prepare a presentation Monday through Wednesday, and we go home on the Friday afternoon (our return Channel Tunnel slot is at 5pm your time), so Thursday was the best day for both of us in terms of the amount of time we could spend there.
    It was originally only going to be me and Qlex going but we decided to see if anyone else wanted to tag along.
  7. I did not imagine you could come, Jimmy Jago! I'll try and announce the next one in advance so you can come next time :)
  8. Dad was concerned about directions and mum said something about it being impractical because Paris is apparently "too far away". I told dad that I can just get directions on my phone and he said that he'd talk to mum about it again (my granddad's car also has a European GPS built in so there's that). Right now I have literally no idea whether it's possible for me to come or not. On the bright side mum has the week planned out and Thursday sounds a bit dull (live shows for the kids all day) so that's a good point to make if I have to persuade her.
    Also how much money should I bring? I know the token prices but I don't know a good number to buy.
  9. Essentially depends on how many we will be. I have the feeling we will be quite a few, so more than 15 tokens would surprise me. I think that's worth 10 euros but I'm not sure.

    I hope that situation gets better :)
  10. I believe 10€ is 24 tokens (50c/token + extra) so I guess that will be fine. Arcade Street's website is a bit iffy on mobile so I can't get info from there, but there are other sources. I'll ask dad about it when he gets back to the room.
  11. "It just isn't feasible" - mum
    RIP. Although I have explained a clear route (train from Disney then either directly to Nation or Gare de Lyon then metro to Nation), mum thinks it's too much hassle and dad says he doesn't want to be in the middle of Paris with hardly any guidance. Well, have fun anyway.
    You'll have to come up to England someday, @Qlex :p
    Either that, or I somehow persuade mum and dad to book a week or two in Paris itself next year or something. There's also Astro City in Southend-on-Sea which has TGM3, though it's a ~5 hour drive from where I live and I don't think dad would like to do that very much :p
  12. If you still decide to take the suburban train from Disney to Nation I could guide you from the platforms to Arcade Street as I will be also taking this line to come to the meeting.
  13. Nah, I won't be going. Unless dad suddenly decides to take me then I'll be missing this one.
  14. So at which time do I have to be there ? ^^'
  15. Pretty sure the arcade opens at 2 pm. I should be there at around 3 pm. See ya tomorrow!
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  16. COL


    That was cool !
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  17. Yeah, was a lot of fun, let's go better next time!
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  18. That was fun, sad I didn't get to stay longer (NICE TRAIN TIMES BRO) else I think I would definitely try a tetris right after wrecking my arms on a taiko for fun.
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