Seattle TGM Minimeet - Saturday July 23, 2011

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  1. Hey guys!

    I'm gonna have a little meetup on Saturday at my house. Let me know if you're coming! Send a PM or post in this thread if you want the address for my house (aka Seattle TGM Headquarters - Fall City Branch). I can also organize transportation from Redmond, if that's easy to get to for anyone.

    I have:
    New Astro City cabinet
    TGM1 PCB
    TGM3 PCB
    Tetris Plus
    PC running all TGM clones and such

    I think the meetup will probably start in the afternoon around 2pm. That would work best for me.
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    Were you coming near Seattle? You didn't say so in your thread! If you are, you can just stop by any time.
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    Hey Qlex, how was Genesis 2? (That's what you went to last weekend right?) Anyways, I'm really confused what's going on, 'cuz the title says saturday, July 22nd (which is friday), and you mention sunday in the OP...
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    I'm retarded. Saturday, July 23rd.
  6. I'm in San Diego, but I could've went to Seattle (the bonfire organized here in San Diego was cancelled), and I have to leave at July 22... If things had been different, I could've made it for the meet by getting a plane early. Oh it's 23, so when the meet will take place, I will be in the plane to go back to France...

    Anyway, Genesis 2 was absolutely fantastically amazing. I did pretty well, add to that. 41st place! I had a really good time, and I'm considering going back to Melee real hard.

    My competitive exams are finally over, so I will have more time to spend anyway ^^
  7. Dooo itttttt

    (aw hell i don't even follow melee anymore but who cares)
  8. We'll be meeting at the Chipotle in Redmond at 1:30pm tomorrow, then driving/carpooling to my house. I know of some people who are coming, but if anyone hasn't RSVPd yet who intends to come, please send me a message somehow really soon!
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    I can't make it to the meetup after all, gotta take care of some family business. I hope you get this so you guys don't end up waiting...
  10. Message recieved!

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