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Thread in 'Discussion' started by Amnesia, 27 Jan 2018.

  1. Amnesia

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    Last time I have made such an announcement here, it was for a german translator and I am more than satisfied by the work provided by the person I have met using the network of our community. So I try again my luck, hoping that I can solve soon my issue...

    My website today, or prototype of the website I should say...Is nearly ready and ok to be spread to potential referencers...But there are still a few things which prevent me to do it, 3 things, or more precisely : ONE thing which makes it unacceptable today to be considered officially "fine".

    I am using Wordpress like the title says (at least for the begining of this project), and the theme Business Finder+, with the multi language plugin added.
    I am quite satisfied by the possibilities of the interface, and I am surprised by what I could build 95% just myself with my legendary poor skill with everything related to computers...But I can not control EVERYTHING by the user interface, many parameters and setting are not accessable. I depend of a friend today to host my stuff on a server. This friend also installed for me the languages plugin, but he is not familiar with Wordpress.
    So I wish to be advised by someone who knows how to dig and search "under the surface" or Wordpress to customize some aspects. If someone accept to help me, ofcourse, I am not asking anyone to offer hours of his time and energy for free.

    To give a first idea, try to click on the search tool, on the cell "Category", I wish to find a solution to definitely hide these goddamn x,y,z, zx, ....And only display the 6 real categories. It is trickier than what it seems to be so we would have to discuss about this more precisely.
    Here is the link, and don't forget to switch to english language if it shows hungarian or other...Only english is completly full today :
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  2. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I refresh it...Just to spam you know..
    I am so surprised, that among the little thousand of regular members which visit TC, no one has any clue about Wordpress.
  3. Muf


    I think the problem is people have too much clue about Wordpress; that is they know to steer clear of it.
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  4. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Yes, the majority tells me to not use WP. Still I found some defender for it...
    So far, here is the situation : I have no formation and serious background for coding a website, I am simply unable to make it, but I have an idea and a vision, something maybe that a pro informaticien doesnt have. So people are funny when they tells me to build up a website from scratch : they won't do this for free, and I don't have today 15000€ to invest into a website while I still don't know today how will be my business plan. Today thanks to WP, I have a decent prototype which looks like something, at the end I have done almost everything by myself, while informaticians keeps telling me that I should not do like this. They keep talking but do nothing for me, while I am slowly creating something that I can start to marketize.
    If my project starts to become promising with a serious and reliable business plan, I will start the investment to develop from scrach a powerfull and optimized website...(which would later, replace the WP proto)
    But today I have nothing like this, and I am doing something which seems to escape the understanding of many people : starting to develop a concept and a vision from zero, to something.

    I am mean, but I am a bit bored to hear always the same thing by people who create nothing by themself but who apparently : have the legitimity to criticize my choice for WP.

    EDIT : it is not against you ! but a bit against everybody
  5. Muf


    It's not criticism against your choice of WP, it's the fact of the matter at hand that most people with programming skills don't want to work on WP because it's a piece of shit to work on. I'm just pointing out that it's not hard to find programmers willing to work on WP because the programmers aren't skilled enough, it's more that the programmers are probably too skilled to want to work on it. Like asking a chef cook to reheat the McDonald's burgers that you bought yesterday.

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