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Thread in 'Hardware' started by TGGC, 8 Oct 2015.

  1. Hi, anyone knows if you can put 30 mm screw in buttons from Sanwa and Seimitsu into a wood panel, which is about 10 mm? If found drawings for Sanwa OBSN-30 which say the button is about 17mm and the nut 11mm. But the nut also looks different at the top, so I do not know if the thread goes to the top. So which is the best solution for thick panels?
  2. If the nut looks different at the top and the thread stops early, you could always just use the nut upside-down - you don't really need the little sawtooth bit on the top for the nut to secure the button properly. I'd be amazed if the thread didn't go to the end on either the top or the bottom because it'd be awkward to manufacture something like that. It looks a bit sketchy but I'd say it should work based on the part drawing.

    Also if you've got access to the right tools, you could counterbore the back side of the wood panel so that the bit around where the button sits is much thinner than 10mm. Would either need a CNC mill/router, or a drill and a decent-sized (probably 40mm+ dia) counterbore tool

    Or you might be able to use OBSF (the regular snap-ins) with a tight clearance and just have it be a snug push-fit and rely on the interference with the wood to hold it in place - after all when you're using the button the only forces are into the panel. So long as you make the holes the right size (probably make them slightly too small and file them out, given it's only wood) the buttons should be snug enough to not just pop out.
  3. Yes, you are right about the upside down thing, silly me...

    I would rather not counterbore as I do not have anything to do it to a specific depth. Do not want to weaken the material too much. But i have some leftovers and could check this way (if everything else fails).

    I once worked with snapins and smaller holes. If it is too tight, the inner part of the buttons gets stuck in the "down" position and its not too easy to get the button back out. It will work in the end, but it is not worth the pain in my opinion, just to save some money.

    So I think I'll buy the OBSN type this time. I'll make it work somehow. ;)

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