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Thread in 'Competition' started by KevinDDR, 26 Jan 2010.

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  2. Since 2009-01-26
    For Nullpo, only runs of modes with the correct rotation systems will be recorded.
  3. I suppose I might start doing this.
    Somewhat lazy, though.
  4. The nice thing about making these logs is that I don't give up after making a misdrop. It gives me the chance to recover, provided that I didn't muck up at the top. Because normally I misdrop and give up on that game, then start a new one.

    "CrazedRevenG is Terrible at T.A. Death" Spreadsheet

    Coming soon: TAP Master logs. I have a headache from playing Death for almost 2 consecutive hours.

    Edit: Second sheet now includes TAP Master scores. Did well initially but then it started to decline. I should be sleeping.
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  5. I've only ever done this for carnival of death.

    I do make a log of every time i beat a record though. except for weird things like NDS_TGM shirase timing with TAP rotation with well width of 4 columns.

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