Sanwa JLF-MW washer & springs

Thread in 'Hardware' started by user401730, 6 Sep 2019.


which spring?

  1. 0.0kg ancient

  2. 0.4kg original

  3. 1.0kg

  4. 2.0kg

  5. hitbox

  6. keyboard

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  1. Years ago I noticed the washer in my JLF-TP-8Y coming loose. This is the metal washer opposite the pivot, with the main body in between. I couldn't find a way to get that guy to stay stuck.

    By chance I recently ordered a 2kg spring, and now this washer stays locked. I guess then that this problem indicates a need for a new spring, no matter the resistance. Is it so?

    2kg resistance is a big change from maybe ~0.2kg, haha. How much resistance do you like? Do you know for other players?

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