San Jose TetrisConcept Meeting 2011

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  1. Alright. Sounds like the 8th is the way to go, then.
  2. Alright. It's settled. The meeting will be on the 8th.
  3. I'll make some crossposts and put something up on Facebook later today.

    Sorry for the delay! D:

    Location: San Jose State University
    Starting Time: Saturday, January 8th @ 12pm

    Alrighty, here is the plan as it stands right now! We'll meet up first at the bowling center arcade -- downstairs in the student union building -- and hang out there for a little bit while people show up. The student union itself should be open that day, so we can probably do some temporary laptop setups and handheld gaming nearby the bowling center in addition to the TGM1 cabinet in the arcade.

    Once we've rounded everyone up, we can move over to one of the meeting rooms in Campus Village B. The reason behind meeting up elsewhere first is that the student union/arcade area is publicly accessible, whereas you need an access card to get into the on-campus apartment buildings. (If the student union didn't close at 5pm on Saturdays, I wouldn't have minded just sticking around there, haha.)

    If you need to contact me, please send me a PM me here or on Facebook so I can forward you contact information without posting it publicly. In the event that you need to get a hold of me on the day of the event and don't have any other contact info, you can DM KitaruTC on Twitter or send me a PM on Tetris Concept; either one will trigger a text/e-mail alert on my phone.

    I marked the locations of places we'll be on the SJSU campus map:

    If you know anyone else that might be interested, feel free to invite them along.

    (By the way, there is a big construction thing going to the right of the student union. If for some reason you can't enter directly through the student union front entrance, go around to the back. There is a set of stairs there that lead to the alternate bowling center entrance. There are detour signs around the construction site that will lead you to the bowling center if you're not sure where you're headed.)
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  5. Attn: SJSU's website is absolutely useless for planning events. The bowling center and student union -- with no indication whatsoever at time of planning -- are both closed. The bowling center hours used to indicate that they would merely re-open on January 2nd, but I guess they decided to not be open on weekends at all! Well, fuck that noise.

    I'll hang here so we can round folks up, but no TGM1 today I guess.
  6. Well it happened, and it was great. Nice to meet people and watch them play (and their playing styles). Some highlights:
    • A new TAP Master record for me, by a fraction of a second
    • The famous Hello Kitty stick made an appearance! So did Kitaru's ghetto stick.
    • Kevin got Sudden Ti 1299... the field was looking great at 1250 and then it went downhill from there, he was stuck at the 1299 level stop for about 4 seconds...
    • Ti refused to work because the I/O board was fudging up... theme of the day, "IO Error" - we got it working eventually
    • Other themes of the day: misdrop less, and clear more lines
    • I suck at stick, and made 20 Hanabi in Ti Easy.
    • Matt was the REcovery king...

    Group photo (sans me) is here:
  7. WOW kitaru needs a haircut
  8. Anonymous

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    LOL nerds
  9. i know right. more like norcal virgin meet 2011!
  10. um
  11. Ai


    Thanks for the highlights. 20 Hanabi in Ti Easy? ^^

    I recognize everyone in the photo except to 2 guys standing next to DDRKirby(ISQ).
  12. who dat guy with the striped sweater and a pretty smile? i would do him, no homo.

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