San Jose TetrisConcept Meeting 2011

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  1. Okay, the other thread became...interesting.

    January 8, 2011

    Location and Times
    San Jose State University
    Arcade 12-2pm
    Campus Village B 2pm-late


    TGM1 (KevinDDR, Kitaru)
    TGM3: Terror Instinct (KevinDDR)
    TGM: ACE

    Fabulous Sanrio Hello Kitty Stick! (DDRKirby)
    FSTE (KevinDDR)
    FSTE (Kitaru)
    Sonoma Wines GM Stick (Kitaru)

    People Attending

    DDRKirby (KirbyDDR? :p)
    Ray_Ayanami (may go to poser anime convention instead)
    Matt_Hatter83 (YES)

    Post if you can attend, and post if you can bring something (game or controller).
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  2. I should be able to come. Can bring a laptop with Heboris, Texmaster, etc.
  3. What. :V
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  4. If any of you have TGM ACE, I'll reluctantly bring my Jelly360 for it.
  5. Did you get yours in a special colour or something?
  6. I'll possibly buy it and then subsequently have no way to play it until the meet. We'll see, haha.
  7. Well, I'm the only one out of any RL friends in the Bay Area who will be getting a Japanese 360, so that along warrants the nickname :p
  8. But is it a rare colour? :V
  9. Noes. (I could paint it, but why would I want to do that?)
  10. :confused:

    Why didn't u get it in a rare colour not offered outside of Japan? Would it have cost more?
  11. I don't think the 360 has japan-exclusive colours the way the playstations do.
  12. Oops, I forgot the 360 wasn't from a Japanese company. :x
    You're probably right.
  13. I'll be there. With my pink Hello Kitty stick! ^^

    possibly a stupid laptop with no battery as well.
  14. Ack! I just discovered that this conflicts with Sac-Anime (which is the same weekend). Well, we'll see how things unfold then (it's uncertain if I'll be going to Sac).
  15. ATTN: Attendees, please discuss availability and preference between January 7th and 8th.
  16. I've decided that S-A is no-go.

    I'd prefer Friday, as Saturday is the day of a DJMAX Technika 2 tournament at SVGL. (Maybe we can show Kevin around SVGL that day, haha.)
  17. Is everyone okay with that? I mean, moving the meeting to the Friday?

    It might be tricky for me because I only arrive in SJ at 3pm on the Friday. That being said, I don't even know what time the Technika tournament is yet.
  18. I think I would prefer the 8th, since i'll be gone the whole day on the 7th.

    this is bryan nguyen by the way.
  19. I have a slight preference for the 8th if it really matters, but both work just fine for me. I'll have class on Friday but nothing I can't afford to just ditch if it happens to get in the way.
  20. Can't do the 7th. Have work. Has to be the eighth for me.

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