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  1. Just wanted to check with everyone here. I did a funky S-twist I've never seen before in NES Tetris. So I checked the Wiki here and it said the twist was only for SRS, I think. I just wanted to confirm with everyone here that I'm not losing my mind. I have a video of it, but it's not too hard to set up, if y'all want to try it out.

    Its the last twist in the image attached.

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  2. Was it this one? Because of the asymmetry between S/Z due to Nintendo's strict "right-handed" nature, they each have their own twist. S has the "tuck under" while Z has the "natural" twist.

    The one in the picture you linked is similar. However, it only works in Super Rotation System (the rotation most games from 2001 onward) because it requires the piece to snap down a row in the process. NES doesn't have any wallkicks to nudge the piece, so you only have access to twists where the piece can rotate in-place.
  3. It was this - just uploaded it. I don't know if youtube takes any time to process it.
  4. Yep yep. It's the one I diagrammed, but it was able to fall another row naturally afterward.
  5. Ah, I see. I had thought the pivot point was the upper end of the S - but it's actually the upper corner, then it fell a row.

    Either way, I hope I don't find myself in that situation very frequently! :D
  6. Has anybody put together a nice little video montage of some nice tucks n spins? Maybe even slow the video down a bit.
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