Challenge: Retro Mastery (endless mode) on nullpomino

Thread in 'Competition' started by goofer, 9 Sep 2010.

  1. Wondering about your highscores on this pretty nice mode when starting at level 0 .
    For who doesn't know this should be played with the Nintendo R rule.

    My score is 177582 with 231 lines

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  2. Wow, nice. I haven't gotten 200 lines yet in 200 mode, so I haven't bothered trying Endless.

    109147 at level 25 with 126 lines is my record for Pressure.

    My first shot at it. Was fun once the speed picked up a bit. I almost lost it around 150 or so because I kept forgetting about the randomizer and fishing for I pieces.

    I died at 200ish because I had to fill a gap on the leftmost column with an I piece. Got it over there, except I forgot to rotate. Oops.

    EDIT: second try, I don't think I'm getting far past 200 ugh

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  4. First try:
  5. Playing this made me realize how often I use and abuse wallkicks.

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