ReplayFX: July 30- August 2, 2015

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    David L. Lawrence Convention Center
    Pittsburgh, PA

    It's kind of expensive, but I believe there is talk about TGM being there? As in, ALL THREE GAMES?

    I'm going to try to be there and I'm pretty sure other TC people are as well.
  2. That's close enough to me that it might be worth it. Especially if someone wanted to carpool.

    Who has all 3 games and doesn't post here, though? Unless it's not the real arcade hardware...
  3. The guy who is running the thing (or some level of higher up) was talking to KevinDDR during a pinball tournament which I was also attending. He said he wanted TGM to be there & is willing to buy all the hardware necessary. iirc kevin said he'd get people to bring some stuff?
  4. It's the real hardware, and they will buy it to make this happen. They have possibly the world's largest collection of pinball machines and are trying to do the same with arcade games now.
  5. Muf


    Just putting it out there that if somebody will sponsor a flight I will come out to help with the live stream :p
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  6. I'm defiantly going to this! This is going to be the largest Pinball/Arcade/Video Game console convention ever!!

    Already registered for the Pinburgh pinball competition and plan on participating in the just announced Walter Day's Replay World Championship.

    Also the King of Kong competition is taking place here now. WOW!! This is going to be a huge deal.

    CTWC next year???? YES... com'on man let's make it happen on the right side of the country. It's only a 1:45 min drive for me. hehe. I'll bring the TVs. :p
  7. Just FYI this is confirmed to be happening now. TGM panel starting at 10pm Saturday August 1st featuring myself, Kitaru, TWF/Aperturegrillz, and possibly others. The full TGM series will be available to play the whole weekend on two Blast City cabinets as well.
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  8. I am here.

    Found TAP; I'm a bit surprised they're not all next to each other.
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