Regarding the Tetris DS ranking sheet

Thread in 'Discussion' started by Guest, 16 Apr 2006.

  1. Guest

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    One, where do you get the rankings from? The Tetris DS gaming hub seems to have the ranking format in some un-understandable gibberish, and you can't find your own rank.

    Two, would it be possible to update that ranking? I'm not sure, but I think it's several days out of date...
  2. those came from elite up. sorry dude. doing a full thing would really give me a headache. i still need to work on the sheet.
  3. Sully

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    The Nintendo Tetris leader board has been fubar since day one. As it stands now, it eventually updates ratings but it doesn't move anyone to their correct ranking. I've been in 3 stars level 3 page 5 84th position for weeks.

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