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  1. kapat

    kapat Unregistered

    i was wondering form all you crazy < S9 players, which would be the recommended type of practice to improve?

    like to play all games in all types?

    play heboris on super devil doomwhatever?

    play TGM2+ on death?

    play the tetris roads?

    what would you recommend?
  2. mat


    it depends on what you are trying to improve.

    20g placement (which is usually the biggie): play tgm1 with 20g cheat over and over and over.

    fast decision making: 40 line no ARE.

    if you're trying to get better at death, figure out what section you always lose on, and train that speed over and over and over, or perhaps a little bit above it. and keep moving that speed up as you get comfortable.

    garbage management you might want to play TDS/TOJ multiplayer.

    personally i move around a lot.

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    I also move around a lot. I find the emphasis on specific techniques contributes to an increased repertoire for the individual games.
  4. Poochy

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    In addition to the aforementioned techniques, I've found it helps a little to watch some of the YouTube videos and absorb some of their techniques. I usually watch and try to figure out where I would place each piece, and if the player's placement differs from mine, I consider the pros and cons of each choice to try and refine my own decision-making process. In the event that I take longer than usual to decide where I'd place the piece, (e.g. placing an O on a field without a 2-wide level surface), I take note of the player's decision and try to incorporate it into my own stacking strategy. This is particularly useful for recovery techniques, as well as twists and slides.
  5. If you're good enough to last to level 150 or so on Death, I'd play that.

    Otherwise I'd play normal mode on TGM, or 40 lines mode on Lockjaw until you can break 1 minute.
  6. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    If you choose the ARS :

    -Try to play in alternating between Master and Death mode, every 4-5 days..Very important to balance the practice between both modes..

    -Sometimes play in time attack to increase your average speed

    (for training), but you can get high scores almost only in playing regularly and safety at 90% of your max speed.

    -Practice your new moves you learn on tgm1 first, before to perform it on tap..

    -With the cheat :

    2 training :

    1: use the DEATH speed higher than your current speed to practice your resistance.

    2: use the DEATH speed which is currently a problem for you but in forcing you to manualy lock..
  7. beertje

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    I only have 4 modes when playing heboris:



    20G mode


    so i don't really know where to get this "time-attack"

    also, i cannot choose a speed when picking death... it's just.. real fast ?
  8. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    Have you installed the expansion pack?
  9. beertje

    beertje Unregistered

    When I click the download link at the bottom I get a 404: page not found error [​IMG]
  10. Time attack not a game mode. It is an attidude you have when playing. Almost every TGM mode is a time attack. To select a speed, go to Heboris' practice mode. Here you can tweak the game to any speed you like.

    What's he's trying to say, is that you should alternate playing as fast as you can, and playing as smart as you can at a relaxed pace. And I second this advice.

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    The wiki still links to the original host. You might want to check out petitprince's page here for a mirror.
  12. beertje

    beertje Unregistered

    Thanks ! Much better layout and stuff this time [​IMG]

    So what rotation mode should I use as a beginner ? [​IMG]

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    You are using hard drop as opposed to firm drop. The type of drop depends on which rotation you are using. Refer to this table to see which system has hard drop. ... Variations

  14. I'd say TGM-style wallkick, as it's the least forgiving. Far better to start off with a more difficult rotation system, and then move to an easier one than it is to do the opposite.
  15. beertje

    beertje Unregistered

    Could you please be more specific? This terminology is incredibly confusing if you know nothing of the game [​IMG]

    Options are:

    DS-world, SRS-X, D.R.S, Heboris, TI-ARS, TI-WORLD, ACE-SRS, ACE-ARS, ACE-ARS2
  16. tgm=heboris, ti-ars=tgm3, ti-world=tgm3 srs

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    If you're interested in TGM3 type gameplay, ACE-ARS/ACE-ARS2 would be a smoother introduction than say TI-ARS. Heboris is the most unforgiving of all the ARS types but that's what is used in TGM and TGM2/TAP.

    For guideline type gameplay, you might want to start with DS-WORLD. It's easy to get into but its one of the most difficult to use when the speed gets really fast. Ti-WORLD and ACE-SRS may be easier overall.

    SRS-X and D.R.S. are sort of the midway point between both systems. You should probably experiment with them after you've gotten a hang of the other rotation systems.

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