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Thread in 'Competition' started by Ray Ayanami, 22 Feb 2010.

  1. You know how sometimes you're playing a round, and you accomplish something funny like an all clear or some huge combo? This is the thread for them.


    NullpoMino - Grade Mania 2 - Bronze AC at level 299. Replay (version 6.2)
  2. [​IMG]

    First time I ever got one :D
  3. I'm pretty sure I've had a bravo on T.A. Death with the first 10 pieces.
    I don't think I have a screen with it anywhere, but I'll look...
  4. Ai


    TGM REV BIG MODE S8 after a few tries while still stuck with S6 at the time in the normal mode. I've gotten ACs in TGM (GM AC), TGM 20G, TAP Normal (twice), TAP Master and TAP T.A. Death. I've also done it a few times in Texmaster. Worth mentioning is that I've gotten Gold CO in Texmaster Novice twice. A video of my most recent effort can be found here. Obtained Gold CO in TAP BIG BLOCK MODE a few times as well.

    And probably the craziest thing I've done so far:

    Ai TAP Master Big Item Mode GOLD AC at Level 35 ^^

    I posted this in the TAP Item Mode thread before. Just incredible luck. This has nothing to do with skill whatsoever. Just playing around at high speed. Gold AC in 20 seconds at level 35 and 3 consecutive bravos in 10 seconds. ^^


    Forgot to mention this:

    Ai TAP Normal Big Mode 504476 ^^
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  5. I got a I bravo in Ti Easy where I combo'd away 18 rows into a bravo.
  6. Once I started a round on NDS_TGM with 3 I pieces as my starting queue. More of a luck-based feat, but I thought it was pretty interesting.
  7. Altimor

    Altimor a.k.a. Ghett0

    40 lines on LJ at 20G instant DAS 1 frame lock delay 0 line clear delay with a well with a width of 4
  8. [​IMG]
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  9. Phantom Mania secret grade? You're insane... :)
  10. Ai


    Sick skills Kitaru! Video of replay appreciated. ^^
  11. Yeah, I'm planning on making a video, but I'd like to get things set up so I can render the PiP type videos on my desktop so I don't have to deal with laggy glitchiness while using my laptop.
  12. [​IMG]

    One-handed. x_x
  13. Might I ask what the accomplishment is?
  14. S3 @ 298.

    It's silly and stupid, therefore an accomplishment.

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