Question for the really fast Tetris players.

Thread in 'Strategy' started by Big Grizzle, 16 May 2007.

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    Could you elaborate more on that?
  2. mat


    ARE = important
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    Was about to comment on that, but just needed to know what he wanted to know [​IMG]

    ARE is important. ARE happens right after the piece locks, and you'll a few miliseconds(or frames) to input a few commands before the next piece spawns.

    ARE will accept:

    Left/Right inputs: Hold left/right right after piece locks, when the next-piece spawns, it will be 'thrown' to the left/right depending on your input. This is called DAS(delayed auto-shift).

    Rotation: The initial rotation system(IRS) allows you to rotate the next-spawn pieces when it comes 'out'. Initially an I-piece would spawn horizontally but if you hold either rotation buttons it will 'stand' when the piece spawns.

    (You will hear a "shing!" whenever you initial rotate)

    Holds: Holds too are accepted during ARE. And it works pretty much the same way as IRS.

    Did I left anything out? The TGM wiki from tetrisconcept is pretty detailed on TGM specifics.

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    Perhaps hard locking makes it more difficult for you to charge DAS?
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    I'm beginning to think it may just be my reaction times from pushing up on the d-pad to pushing right/left are too slow. There are a few players that have no problem whatsoever with hard locking on lvl 15.

    It is really frustrating at the moment. When I watch replays from the leaderboards the top guys do what I would do only faster. An example of this would be the Score 25K leaderboard.

    1) Philly - 1 min 45 secs

    2) Caffiene - 2 mins and a little bit

    ...and a few places below those guys is me with 2 min 22 secs.

    I have no idea how I am supposed to shave 37 seconds off of my time.
  6. K


    physiological reflex come with time so, keep training ? [​IMG]

    Yeah !! you found the problem : what you would do only faster.

    how do you think 100 m sprinter are able to run under 10 sec ? and save few precious milliseconds for world record ?

    ok they are too much well paid and have trainers, 2 things we don't have here... but we are sure that they train hard... (ok some take drugs... and maybe it was not a good example) [​IMG]
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    My housemate beleives that taking speed would improve a person's Tetris skills. However, I played too much NBA Jam in my youth. The one with the warning WINNERS DO NOT USE DRUGS! on the loading screen. So drugs are off the table for me.

    Do people really use Class A stimulants to play Tetris faster though? Tetris is already crack in video game form.
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    I'll soon perform some little test about that..

    If one day I reach a new record with class a stimulant like you say, I will write a detailled report..
  9. I think you mean Animal Crossing, not Tetris...
  10. Big grizzle: the problem is not trying and increase your reflex, your speed and so on which are physiological.

    The problem is trying to "purify" your skill.

    A random example: a tetromino appears at the top of the game field.

    The beginner will think "hum, if I put it on the left, might be good, but on the right, it will clear a line. and what if I put it in the middle and try building a huge pyramid ?". And of course, sometimes, you don't choose the best place, making the next tetramino even harder to place.

    The advanced player won't think, he will just put the tetramino somewhere.

    The really advanced player will just put the tetramino in the best place where it could fit, because from his gaming experience and the hundreds of times he has seen a similar situation, it became "natural".

    And the top player will do so, but moreover, in his head, he will have already put the next tetromino in the best possible place while thinking about a general strategy and so on.

    This is the way you will improve significantly your game speed, and the only key is: training, training and training !
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    Bravo pour ce post! [​IMG]
    C'est bien dit tout ca..
  12. Im coming back looking for some of them good old days.


    Add me on xbox

    Sm0ke iZ PR0

    cant wait for Tetris Ultimate

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