Question About Keyboard Use and Input Issues

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  1. Hey all!

    I'm currently running Shmupmame 4 and using a mechanical keyboard as my controller I've noticed in that when running Texmaster there seems to be no issues with any input, but when I switch over to Shmupmame for some reason it will not read a hard drop input. Everything else works perfectly, and I can run TGM with no issues, but when trying to run TGM2+ it doesn't register the drop like it does in Texmaster. I've tried running on MAME64 as well and experience the same issue.

    The keyboard itself is connected through USB and has NKRO (No Key Rollover). I'm not sure what's happening, and I kind of think it might be something to do with either the Rom's. Any thoughts, direction, or input would be a great help!

  2. Muf


    It's the lack of input filtering that you're experiencing. Try using MameTGM (shmupmametgm) instead, which filters 4-way directions so you can, for instance, firm drop while holding left or right (this is impossible normally).
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  3. Awesome! With Shmupmametgm do I just drop it in the main Mame folder or is it something that has to be dispersed into certain folders?


    Edit: Scratch that, I got it figured out haha
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