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  1. A few weeks ago, someone recommended I try out this unlicensed NES game from Sachen called Pyramid. It's a tetris-like game, with triangular based pieces. I wouldn't call it a good game, but it's fun to mess around with for a little bit.

    There are some obvious problems. First, the lack of wall kicks makes the game pretty tough. Second, it's possible to create unsolvable holes, so the game gives you bombs that you can use to help clear them up. But I feel like the main issue with the game is that the available pieces seem very arbitrary and not very balanced.

    There is apparently a TAS of this game, that I haven't looked up yet, but even that has to use bombs to deal with holes. Anyway, I played this game a bit on my stream last night, and I have a highight of the play here:

  2. Pretty fun game, thanks for showing it. As it turns out, you missed a very sweet move at 5:05 called a triangle twist. Here's a little gif demonstrating what it would look like (figuring out the input is left as an exercise for the reader):

  3. Is that a real thing? I couldn't ever get anything resembling a wall kick to work. Granted i did not try for very long.
  4. No, it was just a little joke based on the weird T-spin triple twist, plus I cheated a little bit, since the hole there isn't actually triangular ;)
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  5. I noticed the hole wasn't the right shape, but it did remind me of the guideline t-spin triple. I think adding some kind of wall kick system could improve the game, but I probably wouldn't advocate for a spin like this one.
  6. Looks like a less polished version of the PSX game Tripuzz (which I think(?!!) Vadim Gerasimov had something to do with).
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    nothing like Tripuzz.
    in Tripuzz you build rectangles, and in Pyramid you build lines.

    and that evil 3/4 diamond piece is the one that will mess you up.
  8. I know it's 4 years later, but I just finished a game called Tritris, which is Tetris with triangles, but more similar to actual Tetris. I made a video about it

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