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Thread in 'Discussion' started by paul, 16 Nov 2010.

  1. I finally found someone else who can beat me - and he was using almost exclusively t-spins singles/doubles o_O
  2. t-spin singles don't give garbage...i am pretty sure
  3. well I wasn't watching too closely but he was sending a lot more garbage than me with similar tpm/tetris counts.
  4. i think youre speaking about me (bigoliv84). I was doing only T-spin Doubles, playing toj/tf like.

    I also played cycledance earlier, it is paul right ?

    Is it me or combos dont count ?
  5. ahh it's you bigoliv84 ^^

    yea i am cycledance on psn.

    no combos in this game except b2b.
  6. hahaha ok now i can appreciate more your post about trophies now that i see that youre a trophie whore :)
  7. i am actually not...i play mostly mw2. i certainly try to get all trophies in the games i love...but idc much about them anymore.
  8. Hey thanks for the games, it's a relief to find some better players out there. Hopefully I'll be more of a challenge to you once I shake my TGM habit of stacking for tetrises only (I never played toj/tf).

    I'm hoping things will pick up once it's released in the States but I worry a larger player base will increase the difficulty in finding good players even further :/

    I added you on PSN, so hit me up whenever you want to play some more.
  9. i am still not sure how the points are distributed for battle. it's not always 20 for win and 10 for losing.

    the skill level increases every 200 points and level 20 is the highest. (3800 rank points and above)

    leeorv posted this on ps3trophies:

    Scores on Origin Lv. 15:

    Single - 1500
    Mini T-Spin - 1500
    Mini T-Spin Single - 3000
    Double - 4500
    T-Spin - 6000
    Triple - 7500
    Tetris - 12000 (18000 if Back to Back)
    T-Spin Single - 12000 (18000 if Back to Back)
    T-Spin Double - 18000 (27000 if Back to Back)
    T-Spin Triple - 24000 (36000 if Back to Back)
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  10. just a reminder. the game will be out today on american psn as well.
  11. Just got it. Really wish you could customize the controls.
  12. I think they implemented the social aspect of this game wrong.I mean, you cant easily invite friends to any game, you have to create a new game, and then invite friends.
    Also, if you want to add recently met people to your psn friends, you cant just go to "recently met" and add them, cause they won't appear, because you dont really play on the psn but on EA's server.

    But I think the most annoying thing right now for me is when some person is idling in the battle/teambattle/shared mode (since they're the only real time multiplayer modes). You have to "click" that youre ready before the host can start the game and sometimes people are just away from ps3 and wont click.
    there is no autokick feature for people idling, and since there are not enough people to make a lot of rooms, it is a problem.

    if I leave and create another room when this happens, I will wait forever because all the other people are joining the other room with the person idling because you cannot choose the room you enter.

    Finally, there is no separation between players based on rating like for example on tetris friends. I keep playing the same newbies even though im level 20. Also the rating seems to only go up ?
    So far I have randomly met like 5 people who can win vs me. All the others have under 30 tpm and do absolutely no t-spins whatsoever.

    All in all, i'm pretty disappointed. I wasn't expecting much but at least that it be a game similar to Tetris Ds or Tetris Splash which does not seem to be the case (even though i didn't play these other games, but from what i heard)
  13. there is a demo on the european psn now. us demo will probably be up next week.
  14. it's 4.99 right now. (50% off spring fever deal)
  15. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm

    There's been a patch not too long ago. It's roughly the size of the original game to download, so it's probably a reinstall.

    • New opening screens
    • 3d support! (Or so they claim, I don't have a 3d tv)
    • Anti-griefing: If you lose and go into practice mode, audio is now muted on you

    That's all I've found. None of my previous complaints appear to be addressed though. Oh well.
  16. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm

    I found another change to the updated Tetris game. Now if you're idle for a long time you may be kicked out of the game.

    Sounds good in theory but they fucked it up pretty hard. If I start a private game and invite somebody, while I'm in the PS3 menu I'm detected as idle... even though I'm the host and the only person in the game I'll get booted out. Good job guys.

    I guess activity detection includes the controller's motion sensor and that input goes dead while the menu is up.

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