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  1. Obviously a matter of opinion but I find TDS game mechanics endlessly frustrating compared to TGM's.
    Yeah, you're probably right here. GB tetris is pretty awful.
  2. Don't get me wrong, I loved Tetris DS and put hundreds of hours into it. It's just frustrating trying to get back into a Guideline game when you're used to being confident where a piece will end up after a specific sequence of inputs.

    I guess it would be fair to say I bought this mainly for online multiplayer, which is why it's a shame there are no good players on yet.
  3. NES >>>>> GB. It's incredible how much they refined the game from the GB release just months earlier. While GB is wholly unremarkable, NES is a true classic. I still don't know how they got from monotonous tap fest to a challenging game with well-tuned restrictions, but I'm glad they did, haha.
  4. idk the nes tetris but the gb tetris is probably more of a classic and popular than the nes one cause it was bundled and so accessible. no doubt the nes one is technically better and probably more full featured cause it wasn't made with gameboys limitations (like 18x10 matrix cause of the screensize).

    also... taratang gg and the game will be released soon in the usa and then japan (i don´t think it's out there yet). not much competition at this time in europe. wait a few days. i think some ppl even have to buy psn cards for this.

    it would really help if u guys with the harddrop accounts would tell the newsman there that he should update the news more often and implement an rss feed. and spread word about the game on all sorts of forums u know once it's out in the usa.
  5. Thanks for the games, good to play someone who can beat me consistently. I played for another couple of hours after you left so here's a minor update:

    • There is a way to select the number of opponents you want, so I could do some 1v1, but it's only for (2 minute) timed battle it seems. Again, very impressed with the speed of the matchmaker. Press next after winning a game and the next game with a new opponent starts in seconds.
    • Somehow the general online population got even worse overnight. I guess it's mostly school kids that never grew up playing tetris - literally half my opponents did not know how to hard drop so I ended up making it t-spin triples practice (not as hard as it sounds when you receiving literally zero garbage)
    • Each multiplayer type seems to have it's own player rating leaderboard, but they're tucked away under the "Highlights" menu. Ratings seem to climb very slowly in 1v1 - I was around 30-0 and still hadn't climbed that high up the timed battle ladder. I suspect the quickest way to increase your rating would be multiple opponents at once. Oh well, I don't expect random pubbies to know how to gang up on me anyway.
    • You seem to have 3 "lives" in 2 min timed battle so while I was murdering everyone repeatedly, against someone competent or multiple opponents it will go to a tie break every time - most knockdowns (lol), then lines sent
    • all the gimmicky variants are fun to play through at least once, though some are dumber than others and few are worth playing a lot unless you fancy going for high scores (Split is pretty cool at top speed though)
    • "Radical" variant is the only mode in the game with 20G, and the lock delay is pretty long (not to mention move reset of course) :(
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  6. caffeineism asked me these questions on gfaqs so i'll post this here as well. plz correct me if u figured out more about the skill level system.

    Can players customize their buttons?


    Can you watch replays off the online leaderboad?

    no...i don't think so. but u can play against the best replay of each mode of your friends.

    Is it all free for all, or do many people play 1v1 at all?

    i already listed the online modes. in timed battle u can specify 1-5 opponents. in battle u can play with up to 4. of course u can just start the game with one opponent and then have a 1vs1. most of my games are 1vs1 due to lack of online players.

    Does it rate online player's skill (like Elo or anything)? elo. no win/loss. u have leaderboards. for battle it's like this:
    leaderboard rank|online id|skill level|rank points

    as for looks like this currently:


    at specific rank points u level up your skill level. i haven't lost a single game yet but i guess it subtracts from your rank points and this is reflected in you skill level.

    some examples for skill level/rank points from the leaderboards (there is nothing exact about this):


    idk what to think about this yet...but it's not as simple and effective as tetris ds elo for sure.
    i hope a lot more ppl start to play and ppl stay at their skill level. as for's only going up right now.
  7. After playing for a few more hours, I don't think there is any rating system at all. It's just +XP for wins, regardless of how good your opponents are.

    It's a fucking joke.
  8. Zaphod77

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    Oh, i thought this went without saying, but TDS > current guideline.

    TDS predates the complete ruining of marathon, though it is way too easy.
  9. the rating system is attached to the guidelines?
    where is the current guideline? i played tetris party on wii and it had no combos. i played tetris party deluxe on ds and it had combos. ps3 tetris has no combos. (which is a relief for me)
  10. This has very little to do with it, but alright. If all the adjustments to DAS, scoring, level-up system, and randomizer had been present in GB and they just used a slightly less harsh gravity table, it could have been just about as well-made as NES.

    Anyway, no elo (not attached to the guideline, but damn I wish it had been in some capacity), no button config... and I'm not really sure how to feel about no combos since I think they could tune them better than they have rather than remove them outright.
  11. Someone who still has Tetris DS confirm this for me - did this kick always work in SRS?
    Because I thought this was ARS only, but I did it on instinct and it worked!
  12. no matter how they reward messes too much with the core gameplay imo. b2b is all the comboing i want in a tetris game. also...i think t-spin singles aren´t rewarded with attack lines anymore.

    my main complaint about the game is the sound. i turned the music off now...but the glassy drop sounds hurt my ears. especially in 6player. what were they thinking?

    my second complaint is the rating system. no win/loss and u get fixed points i think but i am not sure yet...

    overall i think the game is good tho. especially for friend matches. for €10 it's not a ripoff.
  13. Yes, that's one of the spins that ARS and SRS have always had in common.
  14. Yeah, complete ruining maybe, but most of Tetris DS single player was pretty retarded unless you love high-score attack.
  15. Ok, one trophy to go, then I think I'm pretty much done with this. I've played a fair bit now and I'm pretty disappointed at the wasted potential.

    After the speculation about what type of skill rating system the game would use, the developers decided on the comedy option - none whatsoever. The ladder is essentially meaningless and the chance of even being matched against someone competent is remote. What a fucking waste.

    Also the win condition for timed battle is retarded. The first decider is most knockdowns scored - which is dumb in a six player game because you can't effectively focus so it's random who gets the last hit in. I've played a few games today where I've sent 70+ lines of garbage and the other 5 players sent 8-10 each and I come third/fourth because I didn't get the "knockdowns", lol what.
  16. By the way, the "impressive matchmaking" in timed versus sounds like they just copied the old fake multiplayer Tetris Friends has. It records replays of people actually playing the mode and keeps them on store for when someone needs opponents. You're never actually playing with another player in realtime on that mode. If matchmaking is near instantaneous, it is very likely that they've done something like that.

    How is the garbage in the Timed mode? Is it real garbage or solid rows? If it feels just like the standard versus and doesn't have solid rows or a buffer of garbage at the bottom, I don't know what clever things they could have done to make that work.
  17. Battle has real garbage, timed battle has solid rows.

    If timed battle is really using replays to make up the numbers in 6 player games then the "knockdown" scoring method is even more retarded.

    edit: yah timed battle is definitely replays for opponents.
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  18. i only recently played timed battle and i am pretty sure it's replays. battle is definitely real tho cause matchmaking isn't nearly as fast there.

    the irony about trophies is that they ruin replay value. u guys should play for fun. tetris is fun. seriously. :rolleyes:

    the chance of being matched against someone good will certainly grow when usa and japan has it.
  19. I wouldn't have played for over 5 hours yesterday if it wasn't fun ;)
  20. yea...well. i play mostly battle without items and i find it solid fun. and since today there were at least 3 who were able to beat me. matches are getting pretty fun and heated now.

    this being the "definitive tetris" is grossly exaggerated marketing but the thing is...ps3 didn´t have online tetris. now it does and i think it's a rather good tetris fix.

    i think the rating system can be good if there are skilled players and if u get matched with ppl of your skill level. then the skill rating will even out eventually...hopefully.
    again...i will have a hard time reaching the next skill level when i keep getting matched against ppl who can defeat me. then i can put more effort into my game.

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