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Thread in 'Hardware' started by cdsboy, 8 Aug 2007.

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    About 3 months ago I went online and found this guide for making the Street Fighter Joystick to work with the xbox 360. So i thought it was interesting and decided to do it with my joystick. I used the microsoft standard wired controller. It worked fine except for a few errors i made. So Yesterday i decided to redo it. This time i went with a cheaper 3rd party controler, the joytech neo se that sells for about $25. This controller worked much better. Heres a Picture of the board.

    The contacts on the joytech controler were bigger than the microsoft one, and the microsoft one had black stuff convering the contacts.

    This time around i hot glued the wires after soldering them onto the board. This stopped the wires from breaking loose.

    This is a picture of the Joystick back, i was surprised to find that my joystick had all standard stuff. (note: It did have a circuit board that was tacked to the back of the buttons, it was easy to remove)

    Just thought i post this for all you guys to see. And for anyone how might try and do this, do not use microsoft's xbox 360 controller.
  2. while we're on the subject, does anyone know how to get the hori ps3 fighting stick to work on the pc (or maybe xbox 360)? i can buy locally, but it does say "ps3 only." though, i've heard some people got it working on their pc. anyone with some know-how?
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    I can promise you theres no way you can get that stick to work on the xbox 360. I tried to look on the internet for solutions and i only saw people talking about people getting them to work. On a side note my joystick setup should work with the 360 but i have not tried yet.
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    But can it be made to work on a PC running fan games that start with H or L, or on a Mac running fan games that start with Q?
  5. If it's anything like SEGAs Virtua Stick High Grade for PS3, you only need to plug it in. Windows will recognize it as a USB joystick and mount it accordingly. But don't take my word for it.
  6. hm, sounds risky.
  7. I've got that stick. Any PC with USB 2.0 and XP should support it automatically.
  8. Is it any good? It's pretty cheap.
  9. yeah, but i've got vista. [​IMG]

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