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  1. I'm trying to find the legendary picture from (I believe) the Japanese game center Power Stick, showing their lineup of TGM cabs right around the time of TGM3's release. I think it was 3 (New?) Astro City cabs, 1 TAP + 2 Ti, and a giant Ti poster on the wall behind it.

    If any OG TGMers could repost this I'd be very grateful!
  2. Muf


    I only have this image saved:
    [​IMG] (333gj2.jpg)

    Reverse image searching it comes up empty and the filename doesn't generate any hits either. The only additional info I have is that Power Stick is located in Ofuna and that Jago went there for a meeting with Mihara and a tournament, and that Ex_Mosquito and/or Taratang I think went there at some point during their Japan trip.
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  3. It's more beautiful than I even remembered!

    <3 <3 <3
  4. Ok time to reveal my TOP SECRET motive. So this is a thing:


    The plan is to recreate this famous Power Stick scene with models! Will update the thread with progress as I go...

    Current status: Waiting for the non-specific "July 2016" release date.
  5. Noob question, what are the metallic looking objects sitting on two of the cabs and what is their purpose?
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  7. Gunshot wounds. T-1000 disguised itself as a line of Astro Cities.
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