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  1. just wondering what everybody's progressions were from their earliest high score to what they have now. does anyone keep track of this shit? i know i do.

    688, 751, 828, 835, 853, 853, 873, 972...

    i am especially interested in the recent max out guys. chad, david, bo, ben, etc...
  2. I definitely did too.

    First off, badass game, Terry. Tremendously sorry that O block preceded that I block, but life is anything but fair. Still a phenomenal first 900+ game.

    Here's my "Road to the Maxout":

    595,320 2/7/09 (lvl 18-?)
    606,785 2/7/09 (lvl 9-29)
    630,398 4/3/09 (lvl ?-22)
    686,732 11/26/09 (lvl 11-29)
    752,254 9/7/12 (lvl 9-2B)
    844,330 9/30/12 (lvl 9-29)
    936,952 3/29/13 (lvl 9-2B)
    999,999 8/10/13 (lvl 9-2B)

    I shelved Tetris there for a few years working on a different major project or two. It might have been viewing Ecstacy of Order finally that sparked my return.

    In retrospect, I'm pretty surprised that I have so few personal bests between 600k and the maxout. I think I tend to have longer gaps in play than some, and it probably shows how remarkable the brain is at processing and storing info during rest periods.
  3. if you didn't understand that i was very impressed with you when we first met in portland...

    i want you to know that you are an awesome tetriser!

    i am very impressed by your scores pre-max-out, and will continue to hope you move to the portland area soon.

    only two games in the 900ks before maxing is incredible!
  4. ben- you're so funny! i can't believe you keep track of so much info! some of those sides games are so interesting. i am gonna try some soon. you have had a plethora of +900 games as well... color me impressed.
  5. the large number is just a symptom of longsuffering. You will chase that down faster than you might imagine. Especially with me largely ignoring high score chasing these days. I fact I think Bo has either nearly, or already overtaken me in number of 900k's... Once you got it, it can happen with impressive regularity.
  6. I'd also be interested to see if anyone keeps track of their transition record progression (ie. score at level 19). I have never done that - I only kept track of my high score attained on level 9 transitioning to 10 (best is one tetris short of perfect).

    I'm not a huge fan of pursuing consecutive tetrises as a goal, since it leads to suboptimal play and merely hoping for luck, but it would still be interesting to see progressions of that, from the viewpoint of not (necessarily) pursing only tetrises, but just increasing skill (in combination with lucky games).
  7. it isn't my cup of tea, either but it is fun to watch them push their luck and get one more in.

    i also dont keep track of transitions, only end game scores.

    i may start sitting down cold once in a while and playing a short series and measuring those games' averages. i think that is better training for the tournament.
  8. 593,379...lvl 19...6-10-12
    614,498...lvl 26...9-12-12
    633,051...lvl 18...9-15-12
    657,059...lvl 22...9-21-12
    666,187...lvl 25...9-30-12
    740,517...lvl 28...10-16-12
    773,420...lvl 26...12-4-12
    819,574...lvl 29...1-24-13
    824,349...lvl 25...1-24-13
    889,998...lvl 29...3-9-13
    926,845...lvl 29...3-13-13
    957,713...lvl 29...3-30-13
    977,962...lvl 29...4-4-13
    999,999...lvl 29...6-26-13

    i think i might have had another game in there, 801,xxx or something.???
  9. i love that you guys still know the progression. it will be burned into our memories forever.
  10. [​IMG]

    There are these on there now, too:
    12-16-12/956468/230 lines
    9-25-13/965412/229 lines
  11. gotta love that tower of power!
  12. change those permissions
  13. Done.
  14. I haven't maxed-out yet of course, but until then I'm keeping track of my high scores via a tag in my blog:

    So when I (hopefully) max-out, I'll be able to look back at it as a record of my trials and tribulations.
  15. That CRT is doing the trick. Good improvements lately :)
  16. Thanks Ben. I've only had little bits of time here and there to devote to it lately, but I've had some really good games during those times. My goal is to break 500k before New Year's.
  17. here's my tg world record timeline:

    01/31/05: 492,994

    03/01/05: 568,997

    03/10/05: 614,630

    06/24/05: 763,063

    *long break*

    03/20/06: 842,127

    *long break*

    12/31/07: 977,427

    *long break*

    03/xx/09: 997,xxx (Not submitted)

    03/xx/09: 996,xxx (Not submitted)

    04/19/09: 999,999
  18. @supa- that 997k game must have been brutal. i know ben had a 996k game too. rrrrrrough.

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