Potential new TGM codename TGM3Ω

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  1. You're over thinking things. Many videogame companies are hesitant to announce game details until a game is near final for precisely the reason of avoiding your kind of reaction. Arika is not. Bottom line is there isn't necessarily a straight line from initial plans to final product. Plans change and we'll get whatever Arika thinks will make the most sense.
  2. So BTW the @tgm_series twitter first announced it would tentatively be 6/13-15 at the Round 1 in Puente Hills Mall, but then they canceled it. As far as I can tell, the only word right now is it'll be 6/13-14 and somewhere in LA.
  3. I really liked the subtitle The Masters of Rounds xD
  4. No one talking about the location test that just happened? According to the tgm_series Twitter KevinDDR got to 1566 in Rounds already.

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    the discussion is in the events forum.
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    Where were we ?
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    So far it seems TGM3O is retracted in favour of an international release of "The Grand Master" (TGM4), which I think is a much better option than having two slightly different versions of the same game where scores possibly don't transfer identically between the two.

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