Poor restrictor..Forgive me..

Thread in 'Hardware' started by Amnesia, 19 Mar 2008.

  1. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    [​IMG] ho ho..

    It is not my fault..It is because of Heboris and this insane speed..

    My artisanal restrictor, cut in a plastic card can't resist..

    it is about time to invest in a real joystick with a real restrictor..

    I like to "clack" when I lock my tetriminos like jinpachi.. [​IMG]

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    [​IMG] I guess Heboris DOOMed your restrictor...

    My beloved keyboard, that I've been using all this time for PC Tetris, is also ruined, but not from over-smashing the keys...though I have smashed those keys a million times and they've remained extremely sturdy. Instead, I spilled some orange juice on it, and now it makes my PC malfunction when it's plugged in...

    *sigh* I have to get a new keyboard soon.
  3. You know my dash key on the numeric keypad has been a bit sticky lately.
  4. mat


    i use my "d" key to move a piece right... that key is broken on my computer, second time i'm going to need a new keyboard as a result of the same tetris injury...

  5. You couldn't just re-map it? [​IMG]
  6. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    Many tetromino games allow the user to remap keys to movements arbitrarily. But as far as I can tell, Windows itself doesn't allow the user to easily remap keys to characters. It's hard to have to type Alt+100 whenever you want to insert a 'd' into a document.

  7. Microsoft has a free tool for that though.

    Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator
  8. I have also used a utility called SharpKeys that lets you remap individual keys. Apparently it accomplishes this through some sort of registry hack.
  9. mat


    i use autohotkey for remapping. d was lshift for a long long time, took me forever to get used to typing normally again after i replaced the keyboard. this time when it broke it just doesn't pop back up, but it works.
  10. speaking of restrictor plates...

    i just sat down with my VSHG for the first time in a few weeks, and i think the restrictor plate is out of position (or just broken). I don't have a nut driver here, so I can't go in and look. I am getting diagonal inputs (when it should be on 4 way) and the up input registers 1/2 attempts.

    if i leave my vshg unused in this state until april, will i damage it?

    Not lazy, just busy [​IMG] Thanks for any thoughts: I cannot think of any reason to take care of it now. ...I might have broken it by transporting it in a box with books 15 days ago [​IMG]
  11. Registering slight diagonal input is normal on a Sanwa 4-way restrictor.
  12. But up should easily register every time. Anyhow, leaving it in its current state will certainly not make things any worse, so take your time looking into it.
  13. Oh.. I missed that up was unresponsive. Yeah, that shouldn't happen.
  14. K


    C'mon Amnesia, you need a real lever for real men !

    if you already put a hand on this arcade cabinet, you understand what mean "undestructible"...

    On that time, it was quite entertaining to watch bruteforce peoples playing that game, but one day i saw one guy who broke it in live :

    The cabinet was so much bullied that some spectator feared it could felt on his side. Actually the game wasn't particularly well placed in the game center. Probably the best issue for this poor cab, but it was without the guy firmly hooked on the lever and well decided to accomplish what he payed for. The kind of though guy you can imagine that even the manager didn't dare to disturb him in his quarter of glory.

    Finally we got an unexpected third issue : didn't beat the game or game over, but money refund cause the lever wasn't able to handle such incredible "techniques"... RIP.

    and our muscle man leaving the place with the kind of smile : "yeah i'm a real man"...
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  15. Muf



    The inside of my Virtua Stick while it waits to be replaced with authentic Sanwa parts. No, it's not dust, it's the restrictor plastic coming off. This is after one day of playing Tetris. Moral of the story: don't skimp on cheap parts.

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