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  1. (i don't know whether this belongs in locations or not so i put it here)

    Someone asked about where most players live or something in Qlex's stream last night so I thought we ought to have somewhere to document this. Post where you live; just the country will be fine though things like state/city/county (for the UK) would also probably be useful, especially for US states since it's such a big place.
    I'll update this post with information whenever possible.

    @d4nin3u (near Vienna)

    @frozentreasure (Canberra)
    @iKantu (Tasmania)
    @Xaphiosis (Sydney)
    @zzymyn (Melbourne)

    @Ai (Antwerp)

    @colour_thief (Waterloo)
    @Omio9999 (Huntsville)
    @simonlc (Québec)

    @deeden (Shanghai)

    @Amnesia (Charleville-Mézières)
    @COL (Paris)
    @Gezoda (Cany-Barville)
    @Qlex (Paris)
    @Redlof_b (Lille)
    @Yoshiki (Levallois-Perret)

    @AnnaMaus (Munich)
    @deeden (Hamburg)

    @Kevcel (Rotterdam)
    @Muf (Eindhoven)
    @Snaaahhh (Eindhoven)

    @Calintares (Drammen)

    @gontrollez (Bilbao)


    @thesoilknowsall (Wood Green)


    @Archina (Long Eaton)
    @Oliver (Chesterfield)

    South East

    @Rosti LFC (Cambridge)

    South West


    South Wales





    @Caithness (Washington DC)


    @girdot (Las Vegas)

    New York

    @Raul1138 (Wellsville)


    @wasmachstdugern (Portland)


    @boingloing (Philadelphia)
    @JBroms (Pittsburgh)
    @moarkraps (Lansdale)


    @teapartycthulu (Dallas)




    @GyRo (Seattle)
    @KevinDDR (Seattle)
    @MaryHadALittle (Seattle)
    @TWF (Seattle)


    @EIHoppe (Milwaukee)
    @EnchantressOfNumbers (Madison)
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  2. Muf


    lol I'm French now? Hon hon hon la baguette etc. No to be precise Eindhoven meetings which are organised by me actually happen in Eindhoven which happens to be my home town and is located in Reeferhookerclogland (aka Netherlandia).
  3. Muf


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  4. lol i had no idea lemme fix that
  5. Muf


  6. Thanks! How did I forget jago was French oh my god
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  7. Representing France too ! :biggrin:
  8. How'd you know I was from Pennsylvania?:sowsuser:
    Boing, the majestic furry creature often found in IRC, is here as well, but on the other side of the state, in Philadelphia.
  9. i knew you were in pittsburgh or somewhere around it so i googled it
    would that be @boingloing ?
  10. I'm in the US...Madison, Wisconsin to be more precise.
  11. Another Aussie here.
  12. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I am staying in France for at least 1,5 years, I will tell you if I go back to live in Hungary.
  13. France ;)
  14. Australia (Sydney)
  15. Cheers for doing this.

    For the UK, I think North West, Midlands, South East etc probably works better than counties, just because I doubt that many people, especially internationally, have much idea of where various counties are (I only know where Derbyshire is because I know where Derby the city is). Listing by general region rather than county also makes it slightly more clear which places are next to which - being listed as 'East' or 'South East' might make it slightly more apparent that Cambridge is less than an hour away from London, for example. Plus we're not going to have so many British people listed that a county-level resolution is really that needed anyway.

    I could probably fill in another 20 names and locations but I'm not sure about listing other people's locations publicly without their direct consent, and I figure if they've got it in their profile you'd have included them already.
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  16. Noted.
  17. UK - South West here o/

  18. yes hi hello
  19. Swiss guy here

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