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  1. @KevinDDR, @Kitaru, and I were interviewed by someone from Playboy about TGM (I guess they've been doing a series on e-sports), and the article was posted yesterday. I think it's pretty good overall, going reasonably in-depth about why the game is interesting with only a couple errors.
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  2. "Shirase Mode, which is the speed of a GM rank but never ends"

    Say what ?
  3. They got a few things wrong. For instance, a section being 100 levels, one piece per level, therefore 100 pieces per section. I'm happy about the exposure though. I hope that it eventually pushes towards a new arcade-style tetris release on Steam. Imagine a combined release of all the modes over the years: "Tetris the Grand Master: Sum of all Fears"; it practically writes itself :p
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  4. "You have about 50 seconds to drop the first 100 pieces"
    lol what
  5. Ah, they mean 70 levels (referring to Cools).
  6. TGM is my favourite e-sport
    In all seriousness you'd think they'd at least do at least some research lol
    Also what was up with the Nullpo pattern video in there which has nothing to do with TGM? They were talking about secret grades but that video was nothing like a secret grade except for the fact they went in a zig zag
  7. It's really hard to explain tgm, especially tgm3 rules, succinctly. To do so exhaustively takes an hour even while demonstrating visually what's going on. The difference between a 70 level section and 100 level section is really unintuitive and nuanced. I don't blame anyone for glossing over it or even lying to make it simpler.
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