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Thread in 'Competition' started by simonlc, 18 May 2014.

  1. Here is a fun thread for PCB owners to share their PCB's highscore listings. Any Tetris game is allowed.

    1. simonlc's PCB Ranking - Picture
    1 ARK GM 09:38:10
    2 ARK GM 09:40:06
    3 ARK GM 09:49:01

    I don't know who set the highscores,
    I received the board from Japan with these on it.
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  2. Whoo~ hooray for reviving a >4-year old thead via request of the OP! I've been collecting PCBs and selling them to other users so I've had the chance to check some of the boards out and snap a pic beforehand. Here you go!

    PCB #1 (unfortunately didn't think about snapping a pic beforehand so it's lost to time.)
    PCB #2 (Will snap around the same time I receive my TAP PCB back.)
    PCB #3
    If it wasn't for the fact the save data was stored on the ZN-2, I'd have ~20 PCBs to show. Unfortunately that is not the case.

    PCB#1 (Album)
    PCB #2 (As soon as @Oliver returns it, I'll snap some pics)
    PCB #3 (Album)

    HDD #1 (Album)
    HDD #1 (Album, after @Qlex got his hands on it :D)
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