Paris, 9, 10 et 11

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    Salut, je monte sur Paris aux dates indiquées.. Éventuellement dès le weekend si quelqu'un veut m'héberger ;)
    Évidement je peux ramener de quoi s'occuper :)
    En fait a par cela je sais pas trop pourquoi j'y vais en fait...
  2. eeeehhhh... I'll be there from the 22nd to the 30th in the morning =(
  3. and i'm there on the 13th/14th
  4. K


    They have TAP at arcade street but there are seimitsu on both side.
    I asked the manager to get a Sanwa but apparently he was more concerned about his player feeling preference for seimitsu and "real cross" and what is supposed to be common in Japan : Seimitsu.. because Sanwa you must buy a separate cross part...
    finally he agreed to change the stick when he will get a Sanwa one. Wich is a little bit strange for an arcade center to supposely not have this kind of spare piece..

    Anyway, you can play TAP with a fucking "broken" seimitsu on left side. Right side (also) seimitsu is Better.

    Please consider to bring and offer a Sanwa Stick to this guy if you really want to play correctly cause i don't think he will never replace part by his own.
  5. yeah, it was like this a year or two ago, so I'm guessing the sticks are really getting old
  6. Err what that's completely wrong you just rotate the gate on a stock square. Does he have octagonals in fucking everything?
  7. K


    Of course, most of his arguing was bullshit..
    He even passed by with a panel with a mounted sanwa, trying to explain me what is a "real cross".. At this point i didn't tried to explain I probably knew more than him about this game..
  8. I think you probably know more than him about video game in general and arcade game "en particulier"...

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