PAPA 2016 (April 6th-April 10th)

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  1. So, in a couple of months, the PAPA (Professional and Amateur Pinball Association) World Championships will be held here in Pittsburgh. @KevinDDR is almost certainly going to be here, as will SQR. Given that Pittsburgh also has one of the only public copies of TGM (TAP at Victory Pointe), something of a mini-meetup will almost certainly be happening. This event is primarily about pinball, but I figured I'd put it out there if anyone else was interested in going.
    It's also worth noting that our local anime convention, Tekko, is happening in the same weekend, if you're into that. Most of my friends will be at this event (hosting a huge party) so drop me a line if you're thinking about coming for that as well.

    PS: @KevinDDR are you competing in the IFPA World Championships a couple days later?
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  2. I'm registered for IFPA but not sure if I'll be playing. I'll know fairly soon. At any rate I'm definitely going to PAPA!
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  3. BTW, no guarantees but I'm gonna see if I can get PAPA to let me throw TGM2 in one of their candy cabs for the weekend.
  4. I could come for this. Even if you don't get TAP in one of PAPA's cabs I could always go to Victory Pointe.
  5. Hotel booked for Thursday through Sunday.
  6. F Y'all's I we are confirmed to have TAP in a cab at PAPA.
  7. I mad jelly. Have a blast there!
  8. How about a Blast City?
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  9. [​IMG]
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  10. My first M while here is a PB, 635. I'll upload a picture for the records thread later.
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