Pandoras Box or PC?

Thread in 'Hardware' started by prvskfg, 4 Mar 2018.

  1. Hi everyone

    Since i cant order a TGM PCB and i was thinking about getting a Pandora's Box or setting up an old PC for a Mame CAB.

    Let's say that i'm more worried about the TGM performance, in which runs better?

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    An old PC would definitely be preferable over a Pandoras Box.
  3. I've had the misfortune to run into several Pandora's Box machines over the years and they do not run TGM well. TGM1 simply doesn't load. TGM2 is just TGM2, no PLUS (no death, doubles is a code, master is easier) and even that runs like ass. Horribly laggy, not running at full speed.
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    The pandora's box 6 DOES contain TAP, according to this list.

    You can add the TAP rom to the real pandora's box 6 if it's not there by copying it to the usb stick in the right place.

    the "legit" pandora's box 6 and 5 has much more cpu power than earlier models, using a quadcore. They also take a USB flash drive that lets you add on more ROMs. Supposedly the 6 is faster, but there's no proof.

    so it might be able to handle TAP. But I make no promises.

    It runs the game under final burn alpha most likely. If we actually had the psx port of TGM1, it would probably run on the pandora's box 6 as well, but we don't.

    It may be possible to add tgm1 as a mame rom to a Pandora's Box 6 if it's embedded mame is new enough, but we'd also need a bios rom. since i don't have a cab, i can't exactly test, and don't want to spring for the consolized version with hdmi out.

    currently a lil over 70$ on aliexpress from the 3a game store. if got from there it will be without roms. Other "pandora's box" or "pandora treasure" or pandora key or pandora 3d are all clones.

    It's cheaper than a pc, but it's still an emulator running an ARM processor. if it has 1300 games and advertises adding mame fba and psx games, and is in the pink case, it's probably the real thing. But caveat emptor.

    or just get a raspberry pi 3 and some other stuff and roll your own pandora's box. :) but the mame pc will probably be better if it can run full speed.
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