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    Oh sweet, Wetrix! I liked that game...I've been planning on doing a "tool-assisted demonstration" (no savestates: just slowdown and pause) of the alternate piece sets on the N64 version. Have you ever SEEN those? They're just...sadistic in some a demonstration would just be to show that there DOES exist a working strategy for them [​IMG]

    Obviously, the regular set and the first two alternate sets will be easy to work with, but hey, may as well go for a full set of demos, plus...the Super and Master sets...oh dear God. They are just SICK.

    And as a note for what I'm playing lately other than TAP...haven't played as many danmaku shooters as I did before and haven't played as much In the Groove/Pump It Up as I did before, either (gotta get back into the second). A friend of mine who's 2000 miles away right now plays Ragnarok Online, though, so I hang with him there.

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