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Thread in 'Discussion' started by cdsboy, 17 Dec 2006.

  1. cdsboy

    cdsboy Unregistered

    Well i know this is a bit off topic. Or rather a lot off topic. But do you guys know of any other good gaming/non-gaming communites?
  2. Well, what do you want out of an online community? There are countless flavours.

    As far as a similar community to TC, I like (though the forums are temporarily down at the moment). Obvious you wouldn't care about it unless you liked that specific game though.
  3. @cdsboy: why not start a more general gaming community by your/ourself?

    if you have any ideas (domainname, concept, whatever), i have the webspace (a virtual server, quite capable, 5gig space and unlimited transfer) for that.
  4. cdsboy

    cdsboy Unregistered

    well if you/others are interested i would be willing to start one with one or more people. I do not want to start one by myself because i don't believe i have enough time to unterake a project like that all alone.
  5. i am. but i believe in the power of a good domainname. i can always easily jump here, because i can remember tetrisconcept quite easily.

    but.... i have no idea what domainname to choose for a gaming centered community...

    my idea was: -- but its already parked / grabbed by

    but add an "e" - and its wee's [​IMG] but probably too dangerous because then containing a brand?
  6. cdsboy

    cdsboy Unregistered

    Ya i totally agree with you. The first step of getting a good community is having a catchy title.
  7. and a need for that community. i've seen a lot of forums that have like twenty subforums, and one to ten posts in each subforum.
  8. cdsboy

    cdsboy Unregistered

    Ya again i agree. It might be a good idea to make it a specialized community. With a smaller topic. One much like tetris concept infact [​IMG]

  9. what about a site that contains everyting around tetris, in a more informal way:

    * online tetrises with highscores in flash ( 3dtris, neve's tetris, quadra etc) integrated on the site,

    * a forum ( tetrisconcept of course via link or - if caffeine allows: in a frame)

    * tetris reviews of free and commercial tetrises (lockjaw, quadra, etc)

    * official,moderated highscore lists for commercial tetris games

    * abandonware tetrises (blockout etc)

    * ... (add here)
  10. Why restric to Tetris ? I'd love to see a site about all existing puzzle game (Puzzle Fighter Rocks)(Puyo Puyo's kinda cool too). Pretty much in the same way and cover shoot'them up
  11. cdsboy

    cdsboy Unregistered

    I like this idea. I would love to start a website like this.
  12. I've heard lots of talk in the past about creating such a site, but nothing ever comes of it.
  13. Cubicz

    Cubicz Unregistered

    Can i make a suggestion? This is my first post, Hi all, i love Tetris and want to better myself etc. etc.

    Your community should have a Barrier To Entry, unless you want it turning into GameFaqs (or should i say GayFags lolololol).

    Look at $10 registration fee, fantastic community. Their forums are organized well, not too many sub forums, highly discussed topics have a "megathread", (if only I had a means of paying to join up, lol). I'm not saying have a fee, but some sort of Barrier to entry that only allows mature people to participate, if that is the kind of forum you are after.
  14. Phydeaux

    Phydeaux Unregistered

    SA didn't start by charging $10, though. It's something that was necessitated over time. The intent of building strong community would follow in the steps of where the populace is gathered from a larger site, locked down on an approved person-to-person basis, and eventually open up to the public with a vigorous community.
  15. Cubicz

    Cubicz Unregistered

    I think setting out and building a website just for the purpose of creating a great community is doomed to failure. A noble pursuit, but doomed. It's like saying, I'm gonna get chiseled abs so i get chicks, that won't work. You say, I'm going to start working out to improve my health, oh look, now I have chiseled abs and chicks want me.

    content needs to come before community also because it gathers people of a common interest; obviously they would have a common interest of gaming but without content to filter out people with the wrong interests, the community will have too broad a focus.
  16. Something Awful's registration fee isn't intended as a barrier to entry. It is a barrier to re-entry after being banned. It wouldn't be needed if the majority of the internet wasn't a cesspool of idiocy (Longtime SA forum member here).

    Having said that, the TC community is nowhere near the size that needs to go to such extreme lengths to keep idiots out. The moderators here are more than competent at removing rubbish quickly and efficiently.
  17. TEC are a general wifi clan, specialising mostly in MP:H and MKDS.

    Phydeaux hates them for some reason, but I without internet at home I have no way of knowing why. (Explain plz Phy!)

    At one point they thought of challenging TC, until I kinda stopped the idea.

    They'd thrash us at games other than Tetris, yet would get thrashed at Tetris, so the games would be a bit pointless.

    Along with 'sharpie', I'm the best player there at 2p, and nobody else really comes close after that, so they wouldn't stand a chance against TC, even if I played for them.

    There's dozens of internet communities out there. I don't know of many Tetris-based ones other than here though. I certainly don't know an England-based one.

    Clans on TDS could be interesting, though I don't see anyone outside of Japan even coming close to beating us.

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