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  1. I arrive 14:36 Thursday
  2. Arrival: 14h36 on friday
    Departure: 17h16 on monday
  3. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Friday evening so don't think about me I will arrive without support.
  4. Alright, heading over to the train station in a little. See you guys tonight! Thanks again for moving the meeting date to this weekend. :D
  5. Should I bring some xbox 360 games (bought futari 1.5 and espgaluda II last week)
    Also, amnesia, is there enough game cube controllers ? Coz I can bring a couple with some games.
  6. That would be great.

    (I'm on the train!!)
  7. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    This is what I was missing, I knew I had made a mistake but I could not find what.
    I won't bring any GC stuff, everything is in my new house too far from where I am unfortunately, I will just bring my face and my FSTE.
  8. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    So today timc, muf, KevinDDR and myself arrived. I was pleasantly surprised that my spoken English is not as bad as I thought.

    Jago's apartment is much bigger than the last one. We no longer have to switch the rooms from a sleep to play configuration anymore !
    Anyway, we set up some arcade boards, but muf is still struggling to get his stuff working. We place them on a dedicated room. It feel a bit like a geeky Tetris command center, with so many computer, laptop, game board and other electronic stuff on.

    Tomorrow we will try to get the things a little bit more organized.
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  9. K


    Dude, don't break anything until i'm back from work ! :V
  10. Ai



    Have a great time!
  11. GREAT day yesterday
    Didn't know I could play tetris so many hours before being too tired to continue :)
    Got on TAP death a 496 in 3min18 and... 499 in 3min22 DAMN !
    Couldn't manage the "get a M before going to sleep" challenge so tried the "get a M before breakfast" this morning but at 10h30, I was starving so I gave up :)
  12. Well, the meeting was honestly the best two days of my life so far. It was totally surreal to take 12 hours of trains to a foreign country to meet up with a bunch of European TGM players, and I have to say that you guys are all really really awesome. I'm so glad to have been a part of this community and I couldn't have been more pleased with how friendly everyone was at the meeting. Absolutely worth the nearly $1000 it cost me to attend. :D

    For anyone wondering, I didn't break any records at the meeting. I did, however, get two more MMs in Ti.
  13. K


    voila c'est fini...

    That was a great week end, so funny to see people so addicted to this f***ing game !

    it give good hope to do it again !

    i didn't took any pictures of the meeting but sure some other did, and i'm looking forward to see them !! :V
    So tired now,and so much stuff to reorder in the appartment... this is harsh ! :sneaky:
  14. COL


    That was really cool! Thanks to everyone!
  15. orz


    whos who in teh group pic
  16. Muf



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