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  1. Parts for sale at the meeting:
    8 Sanwa OBSF-30 buttons (black)
    2 Sanwa OBSF-24 buttons (black)
    4 Sanwa OBSF-30 buttons (white)
    3 Sanwa JLF wiring harnesses (for connecting JLFs to non-5pin setups)
    1 Seimitsu LS-32 with custom dust cover
    4 Sanwa JLF 4/8way restrictors
    4 Sanwa button hole covers (these are nice for getting that real arcade feel!)
    2 Sanwa JLF hexagonal 8 way restrictors

    I haven't decided on prices yet. There's some other stuff too but I'll talk about that later.
  2. kevin: should I pay you in dollars ? or in euros at the d-day rate ?
  3. Muf


    I'll take any two OBSF buttons because I forgot to order SW-68s in my last Akihabarashop.jp order. I want to replace the microswitches in my Seimitsu start buttons.
  4. K


    My littlegun is 2P

    do you accept CFA French devises ? :sneaky:
  5. Muf


    Dual angle is not going to happen unless Jago has a sufficiently fast PC with USB3. I was planning on using my Intensity Shuffle with a USB3 ExpressCard in my laptop, and according to Blackmagic staff that does not work as of yet, but they're "working on it".
  6. If you'll mail me a JLF restrictor while I'm in the UK I'll mail you a cheque ;)

    Or come see me :awe:
  7. Surely low res stuff can work over USB2?
  8. Muf


    That's the thing, as of now the Intensity Shuffle doesn't degrade its functionality gracefully when connected over a low bandwidth bus. 2.5Gb/s is more than enough for 8-bit 1080i half-duplex, but the Intensity also supports 10-bit formats and also streams BACK to the device for its outputs. In my opinion it's just short-sightedness (you want your device to do at least something on inadequate systems, not just fail completely), but it's good to know they're listening to their customers.

    As far as I know, USB2 support is not even planned though, probably because of the way the device works internally. At 480Mb/s I'll also admit there isn't a lot of possible functionality left aside from 8-bit SD half-duplex capturing.
  9. K


    Here is the final list attendies :

    1 - KevinDDR
    2 - timc
    3 - Rosti_LFC (canceled)
    4 - Petit prince
    5 - muf
    6 - Amnesia
    7 - NBL
    8 - Kanardator
    9 - COL
    10 - Cyberguile

    Shoryu asked for coming.. i don't know if he followed the thread, and still ok to come..

    i'll try to send people how to come to the place directly by PM..
  10. [​IMG]

  11. K


    FUCK PM...

    not that much complicate if you want to come from the train station by walk

    from train station by TRAMWAY from central train station :

    1_ Take Tramway line A (direction Illkirch) or line D (direction Aristide Briand) and get down at Homme de Fer" (2 stations)
    2_ take Tramway line C (direction Neuhof/Rodolphe Reuss) and get down at "Observatoire"
    3_ walk 100 meters until the place .

    you can call me directly :

    Zero sixO_Oquarante six:sneaky:quatre vingt huit:Vsoixante et onze:awe:fifty
  12. That's for calling from France. If you're calling from another country, you should add 0033 and omit the first 0, so that K's number would begin with 0033646--- .

    How will we share the food money and all ?
  13. K


    now stacking ! :V
    beta : Tetris_cookie_v0.5.exe
    next updates :
    - adding 2 missing shape
    - color support.

  14. miam miam miam
  15. Hey Cyberguile, I have to apologize but unfortunately I didn't have room in my huge suitcases for TGM1. You can still buy it, and I'll ship it to you for free since I did offer that earlier. Payment in euros works fine for me.
  16. K


    as i told before i'm working thursday and friday from 8:30 AM to 17:30 PM
    so i need to know the exact arrival time of people those day !
    who will be the first and who can welcome other people when i'n not here !!!
  17. I'll arrive at 16h33 on Thursday.
  18. I'll arrive at 21:31 on Thursday as seen above. Would it be best for me to make my own way from the train station, or will someone pick me up?
  19. Muf


    As posted before:


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