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  1. lyon-strasbourg: 17 euros
    strasbourg-lyon: 17 euros


    there's a few sits in every train they call "prem's" with ver low prices that are opened for sale like two months before departure (and are generally sold out rather fast)

    maybe you can sort someting cheaper than 210 euros with some flight to mulhouse (or even to lyon, dunno) as suggested, from there it's only two train station to get to strasbourg.

    btw, received my tickets this morning
  2. Hmm... those Lyon trains could be useful.

    I can't fly to Strasbourg cheaply from Liverpool, so I'll probably end up going via Paris, Zurich or somewhere else (mayeb Lyon if the trains are going to be that cheap). I'll work things out when I've got my summer placement dates and I can know which days I'll be coming.
  3. use the link I've provided, enter your dates from different places on the right of the front page and click on "Réservez", then browse through all the trains until you find a ticket with the PREM'S icon next to it (the price will be written in an orange/yellow background)
  4. Muf


    Hah, flying Easyjet from Brussels to Lyon and taking a cheap ticket from Lyon to Strasbourg would be €110 for a return.. That's almost half of the return Düsseldorf-Strasbourg I was looking at. Not worth the faff though, and way too many factors involved that could go wrong.
  5. Also, note that from the airport to the main train station, it's a 40 minutes bus trip, one bus every 20 minutes.
    You should check something like flight from amsterdam to basel (switzerland: http://www.euroairport.com ) then basel-strasbourg by train (which is cheap and fast)
  6. Muf


    That's cheap indeed, but the only cheap flight to Basel arrives at 22:40, and the last train to Strasbourg leaves at 22:48. I can't teleport from the plane to the train in 8 minutes. :\ The next train leaves at 05:17.

    €110,38 for Amsterdam-Basel-Strasbourg and Strasbourg-Basel-Düsseldorf. Not counting the fares between Basel CS and Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg. Not too bad but still a lot that can go wrong and I wouldn't be able to take my Type-X or any joysticks with me.
  7. How about going via Paris?

    If we end up going via the plane -> train route, then would be cool to book the same train into Strasbourg if the times aren't too inconvenient.
  8. My plan is to fly direct from Newcastle to Paris and then take the TGV from Paris to Strasbourg on the Thursday. If you're planning on going up that day, it would be neat to get on that same train. :D
  9. My train is leaving at 15h17 from Basel.
  10. make sure to book your tgv ticket as early as possible since those "prem's" tickets sell rather fast on tgv
  11. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    59€ for Friday evening to monday evening (Paris-Strasbourg), with a 12-25 reduction card.
    Without this card the same travel would cost 151€
  12. Muf


    Ordered my tickets. Going through Stuttgart, but at least this way I can bring lots of stuff with me. I had to order separately from Bahn.de and TGV-Europe.com, which was quite risky, but the only way to ensure a fair price and get a reservation (Bahn.de kept giving an error about not being able to place the TGV reservation).

    €136 from Bahn.de (Köln-Stuttgart, Stuttgart-Köln)
    €42 from TGV-Europe.com (Stuttgart-Strasbourg, Strasbourg-Stuttgart)
    My parents are taking me to and from Köln by car :wub:
    Total: €178.

    I'll arrive in Strasbourg Thursday 20:15, and depart on Monday 13:45.

    Tentative packing list:
    • TAITO Type-X arcade system
    • Dual-stick JVS/JAMMA supergun (Virtua Stick Pro with SEGA Rev. B JVS I/O, Wei-Ya VGA adapter and power supply)
    • 2x USB Joysticks (Virtua Stick Saturn with Sanwa JLF and OBSF-30)
    • Fighting Stick Wii (with Sanwa JLF and OBSF-30)
    • Fighting Stick X360 (with Sanwa JLF and OBSF-30)
    • Tablet PC

    I'll try not to take anything with me that isn't going to be used, so it's probably a good idea to make a list of who's bringing their own sticks and who needs to borrow one.
  13. The Type-X and Virtua Stick Pro are a serious load by themselves, and you're bringing 4 other sticks (albeit small ones)? Hehe, sounds fun.
  14. If I can get a new restrictor I'll probably bring my VSHG.
  15. Muf


    Now you know why I spent so much time booking a trip with only one transfer. But hey, I have two arms and a back, should be enough right? :awe:
  16. Hey Rosti, I'll bring my spare restrictors so you can have one of those.
  17. Do we have enough screen ? I only saw one TV and one projector in K's video of his flat, and if the projector is the same as last time, there could be a video lag issue.
  18. I'm bringing my VSHG and my laptopt
  19. Jago, do you think it could be possible that we make an online streaming of the session ?
    Something like the godsgarden street fighter IV tournaments that you can watch live on ustream

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