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Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by K, 5 Jun 2010.

  1. K


    It's been a long time since the previous european meeting !

    Place : Strasbourg
    Dates : August 21 & 22 (possibilities to be there from 19).
    Available arcade games : TGM, TAP, Ti
    trivia : bring your sleeping bag and ear plug, or check this hotel just in front of the street : http://www.hotel-esplanade.fr/, if you book early for 3 people the price is only 50 €

    Firstly let's check people motivation and possibilities.
    You can freely add your name and period if you seriously consider to come :

    ps : Last time ct came from canada !!
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  2. Re: Fanta Grape European Meeting

    If the meeting was in London in August I would absolutely go. If the meeting was in Paris then there is a small chance.

    Actually, if you all wanted to do something in December then there is a very large chance that I could go regardless of location.
  3. Re: Fanta Grape European Meeting

    I fly into Paris on 29 June 2010. I'll be in France (montpellier) for a month or two. Lets do it.
  4. Re: Fanta Grape European Meeting

    If the meeting is pretty much anywhere in Western/Northern Europe in September I'll be there.

    If it's in August I'll still probably be able to make it (unless it clashes with the Reading Festival) but might have issues because I'll be working over the summer.
  5. Re: Fanta Grape European Meeting

    August would be cool for me.
  6. Re: Fanta Grape European Meeting

    I prefer Orangina.
  7. K


  8. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Only a few weekend during July and August for me, I can't take more holyday for this summer.
  9. So, 7-8 August everyone ?
  10. K


    it's finally early, and without other proposition i guess it will be held in strasbourg, but it's fine for me.
    even if Rosti is only available for the week end, people can still be present more days but you have to tell me about it asap because i must take those days off (week end + 2 or 3 days max ) !
    please confirm your dates in blue !
  11. Can't come the week that runs from the 28th of august to next sunday nor on 9/11
    Any other date of july, august or september will be perfect
  12. Can I come ? :D (Only if it will be in Strasbourg)
  13. K


    Dudes if you want to come please write your disponibilities in the SHEET !
  14. Muf


  15. NBL


    If this takes place in Strasbourg or Paris, I'll be available on several WE (cf the sheet)
  16. K


    As proposed by PetitPrince the August 7 & 8 is the best for most of people :
    Please confirm and update in blue when you are sure to come :
  17. K


    I'm checking the date and the best dates are august 7 & 8, or later 21 & 22 (Kevin would come but not good for timc) .

    Please confirm your dates dudes, and write some comments if needed :V
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  18. I'm waiting for other people to confirm before I take the train tickets.
  19. I will confirm this evening, need to call my brother since I think the 7-8 is around the date we are going to mulhouse (which would be perfect :) )
  20. K


    Please consider about 21 & 22
    As discussed with Kevin, we have great chance he come on 21 & 22. I'm very sorry to Timc if he can't come but i would greatly appreciate Kevin's presence as well..

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