Oops jumped the gun--I won the AT&T Tetris tournament!!!

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by caffeine, 29 Feb 2008.


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    Perhaps it's also odd that most people can't swap between ARS and SRS with little to no tetlag? [​IMG]
  2. Altimor

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    I made that swap with no sort of tetlag either.
  3. Perhaps you're not good enough for it to make a real difference.

    I find Tetlag only started to affect me when I was just pressing the correct keys without even regarding what was happening on-screen. Even now, it only affects me when using the same control system. With a gamepad I can play SRS with no trouble, while my keyboard and VSHG require ARS.
  4. cdsboy

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    I would say thats because, compared to alot of people here, your fairly new to tetris.
  5. Altimor

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    True. I've been playing TGM since.. not even a year ago.
  6. Zaphod77

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    the Guideline starting orientation gives me major tetlag. i keep rotating the wrong way, and that's not from "world reverse" at all. I'm used to rotating a J counterclockwise to stuff into a gap when you have to rotate clockwise in SRS.

    Thatsaid, both the phat and lites should be very similar fo rtetris playing as that game doesn't use diagonals.

  7. It's more the fact that the DS Phat is quite "clicky" in terms of how the D-pad works, while the Lite is completely different, and for me it feels far less precise.
  8. You probably want at least to be practicing on a real DS (either type, but a lite would proably be better if you have big hands), just to get used to holding a DS. the fact that it's so thin makes it hard for me to hold it for long periods of time. YMMV of course...
  9. jujube

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    because of course we all know what YMMV means [​IMG]
  10. Your mileage may vary.

  11. your mileage may vary
  12. Hehe, we posted at the same time there. This reminds me of so many occasions on IRC. Anyway, back to Tetris.

    I agree that he should practice on a real DS. I suggested that he use DS2Key for his PC training, but he decided it would be a bit too much effort to get it running as a virtual gamepad. If you can settle for it being like joy2key for your DS over wifi, it is a bit simpler to get running. It is a nice little app if you have a way to play homebrew on your DS and a router close to you computer.
  13. for the record, i'll be practicing a lot with my DS lite, but will also be doing specialized drills in lockjaw for more technical-type training.
  14. tepples

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    If you have the hardware to use DS2Key/Win2DS to vnc into your PC to run Lockjaw, can't you just run Lockjaw directly on your DS? [​IMG]
  15. K


    congrats caffeine [​IMG]
    2000 bucks is quite impressive

    i wish you can succeed on the next step [​IMG]
  16. tetrisdude

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    Nice job caffeine!

    You deserve it.
  17. Amnesia

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    I am impressed...

    I always thought it was impossible to earn money with Tetris..
  18. jujube

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    me too
  19. massi4h

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    Congrats heaps dude, that's awesome.

    This game that you played on, how can I get it, or do I need a specific phone. The only Tetris I could get on my phone was a real crap cascade version, so this one looks good and with multiplayer is even better. So do you know how I can get it and will I have to live in the US or whatever?
  20. not sure, but seems most of the newer phones you can dl it. i used an LG Musiq (Sprint).

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