Oops jumped the gun--I won the AT&T Tetris tournament!!!

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by caffeine, 29 Feb 2008.

  1. I won $2000 dollars and a trip for two to Honolulu (four nights five days) where I get to play in the Tetris Cup 2008 sometime in April! You remember my last thread about this? Well, a representative from The Concept Studio (the promotion organizers for this tournament) called me this morning to tell me that I won. Threw me off completely since they were supposedly going to finalize the results before the twentieth. I'm psyched. I'm psyched. Better start practicing Tetris DS again, but it's not like I know that will be the game anyway.
  2. Nice one caffeine.

    You've given a fair amount to the Tetris community with this site, and now you get something back. [​IMG]
  3. congrats caffeine, that is awesome. will you take some pictures for the forum?
  4. absolutely will take pictures. expect a post chock full of all that stuff after the tournament.
  5. Congratulations caffeine !
  6. Just think of all the Fanta Grape you could buy... [​IMG]
  7. It's not his thing though. He prefers other variations.

    Like Fanta Twist.
  8. Pineapple Fanta's my personal favorite.

  9. But Pineapple Fanta doesn't contain a (very subtle) reference to SRS.
  10. Wow, congratula--APRIL!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Defcon 1, we are at Defcon 1...
  11. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    awesome caffeine! i'm happy for you and jealous at the same time.
  12. Chaos

    Chaos Unregistered

    congrats. I'm almost sure it'll be TDS. Almost.

    We have to session while you're here. Must play godly people first hand and get our asses pwnt hard lol.
  13. oh yeah, i wanna play all you hawaii guys heads up.
  14. got the affidavit in the mail today--so surreal...

    hey Chaos or z-flo, in the last tournament, did people play with their own ds? if not did they use regular ds or ds lite?

  15. From the pictures I saw it looked like they were using the DS devkit to play on, which is basically a DS hooked up to a blue box.

    Like this (though I'm sure there are DS lite models now):

  16. Based on whatever DS units they were given, they hooked them up to those DevKit things, yes. For qualifications, there was one regular DS and one DS Lite hooked up, with two additional DS Lites used to get the lines going. For the actual tournament, I'm pretty sure that the DevKits were both hooked up to DS Lites. Chaos can confirm this; his memory is far better than mine. I hope.
  17. hmm, i better find out if i can borrow one of my friends' regular ds to practice on.
  18. I'd struggle with a Lite, for a week or two to start with at least. My sister has one and I find the feel of the controls is completely different.
  19. Chaos

    Chaos Unregistered

    yes both indeed were ds lites
  20. Altimor

    Altimor a.k.a. Ghett0

    I find it odd people can't play on both. I can swap between both with no sort of tetlag.

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