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Thread in 'Discussion' started by colour_thief, 9 Jan 2006.

  1. I can confirm that TGM ACE does not work on a European Xbox 360, as a friend of mine in France has tried to run it without success. It's region locked. [​IMG]

    This same friend also has a Japanese Xbox 360, so if you want to know specific details about this game, just ask.
  2. bad news. or good news? (now i don't need to spend money.)
  3. Bah, if you were hardcore you'd be spending more money to import a Japanese system. [​IMG]
    They can play most American games, incidentally.
  4. Thats weird, I would imagine if I can play it in Australia, you would be able to get hold of a copy that works in euorpe, x-box 360 have'nt even been realsed here but on ebay i have seen TGM ace that will work on a NTSC format x-box 360, and considering i have never meet or heard of to many people playing tetris over here apose to europe i woulds say there definently will be a TGM ace that will play on a x-box 360 in europe.

    Hope that made some sort of sense - Jono

    http://cgi.ebay.com.au/XBOX-360-Game-Te ... dZViewItem
  5. K


    i'm the guy with the X360 and TGM-ACE

  6. ???

    That was a bit random.
  7. Cubicz

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    but jono did you say that you can play it in australia on an australian 360? if so thats nucking futs and i want one.

    where abouts do you live in aus, if u dont mind me asking? im in albury

    edit: broke tables
  8. Jej



    I have an european xbox360, I live in France, and I can play TGM Ace, thanks to my jtagged console, which can launch any game regardless of the region :)

    however I can only read hiragana, I read the wiki about that game, but I don't find how I can play other modes that normal, high speed 1 and high speed 2 modes

    any help please ?
  9. You'll have to wait for colour_theif or someone to come by and give a full answer, but I believe that some of the later single player modes require an Xbox Live Gold account to unlock.
  10. It's true. modes like another and another 2 requires playing online to unlock.

    But in theory, now that the Xbox 360 can format USB drives as Memory Units you should be able to ask someone who has the game with the modes unlocked to share their game save. Of course it will be locked to their profile, but there are ways around that. (resigner applications)
  11. Jej


    is what the condition is to have a xboxlive account and playing offline, or directly playing online ?

    because if the answer is the first, I can (without being online) make my offline account become an online account, but well, this is a little pain in the ass to make

    well.. I guess I should find a way to play TGM2 and TGM3 instead of trying to play the Ace version ^^

    anyway, thank you to both of you for your fast answers ;)
  12. Hi Jej!

    There's also a big mode you can play. If you want to read more detailed information, we have a more recent thread here where I went over everything in detail.

    Short story though: To get to the interesting stuff you've got to take the game Live. Are you able to do that with your tagged console? If so you should definitely add me so we can play a few games some time. Je parle français aussi. :D
  13. Jej


    thank you, but I can't play online with my jtagged console, I will get banned immediatly otherwise ^^

    I have an other xbox360 which can connect to live, but this one can't read japanese games... so it seems I can only play few mode

    anyway, I'm not a hardcore player of tetris, It's just that I like the game very much, but I'm not very good at it (only as good to finish high speed 2 on TGM ACE, and it wasn't easy for me)

    but thanks again :)
  14. Hi, I also own a copy of TGM ACE, cleared the 4 offline modes, and need some help with the online mode now.

    Is there a translation or some sort of guide around?

    I didn´t know what I was doing there, as I don´t understand Japanese... :oops:

    edit: found the Wiki... :D
  15. Wow, another ACE player! :D

    Feel free to add me Geist, my gamertag is 'colourthief'. I'd be happy to show you any mode or give you tips on beating various stages.
  16. That´s cool. :) but I am not quite ready for online battles yet ( I think) as I am more of a casual Tetris player, who only plays every now and then, and still needs to learn, long story short, I am totally amazed with the strategic deepness and variations of all modes and games... O_O

    That Wiki is very useful indeed!!

    Maybe you can help me with this one too:

    In ACE offline mode, how can I unlock the "Another" mode?

    And what about the Eraser, Level Star and Target Modes? They are for vs. play, right?

    I think all other modes are unlocked already.
  17. All the modes you mentioned are single player, and can be unlocked online. There are actually many single player modes online, which you can play as hotseat single player. That's what I was suggesting more than versus.

    To unlock Another try beating all the time attack modes online instead of offline. You need to select it from a different menu to do this. To unlock Level Star etc you need to play either Tetris Roads online or the Exams. My guess is it's the Roads, but I unlocked these without realising it after beating both so I don't know for sure.
  18. I cleared the 3 time attack modes, and started these mission thingies...

    They are so intense!
    A pro watched me mess things up and in turn he showed me how to do it right.
    Very friendly. Now I know, what you were talking about. :)

    Another mode isn´t unlocked yet, but I guess I should improve my game first, way too many mistakes... (this will take a couple of years ;) )

    And there are still too many parameters I haven´t figured out yet...

    Oh and I sent you a friend request, I am that Ketsui guy B)
  19. Cool, just added you. Looking forward to seeing you around. :)

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